How To Reset Wd Tv Live?

If your WD TV is too slow and the internal memory is full, you have to delete some files, or you can completely reset the WD TV. On this page, we have clearly explained how to reset WD TV Live. So, follow each and every step given below.

How To Reset Wd Tv Live

Steps to Reset Wd Tv Live

  • Make sure that your WD TV Live is connected to your television. Turn on the TV as well as the WD TV device.
  • Before you start the reset process, ensure that all the programs are closed.
  • If a USB external flash drive is connected to the device, remove it before you start resetting.
  • Locate the Reset button on the WD TV device. The Reset button is located near the USB port.
  • With the help of a paperclip, you can reset WD TV Live.
  • Insert a paperclip into the Reset button area.
  • Now, press and hold the button for four seconds.
  • After four seconds, release the Reset button. Now, the device will automatically restart.
  • Now, all your data will be deleted from your device.
How To Reset Wd Tv Live reset via settings

Steps to Reset Via Settings:

  • You can directly reset the WD TV Live device using the Device Reset option.
  • Connect your WD TV device to your television and turn on both devices.
  • Using a remote controller, you can access your device.
  • Use the navigation keys and then go to the Settings menu.
  • Under Settings, select Device Reset and then press the OK button on the remote controller.
  • There are four options below Device Reset and the options are mentioned below:
  • Reset All Settings Back to Factory Default
  • Reset All Settings Except Online Service Accounts
  • Reset All Online Service Accounts
  • Reset Web Interface Login
  • Choose one of the above options and then press OK.
  • If you choose Reset All Settings Back to Factory Defaults, all the data on your device will be deleted.
  • Once the reset is complete, press the OK button to restart.
  • Now, the device will turn on, and it will detect the latest firmware automatically.
  • Try to update the latest firmware.
  • If you have skipped the update option, try to update manually.
  • Press the HOME button and then select New Firmware.
  • Now, press OK.
  • If prompted, select Update device and then press OK.

Now, you have completed resetting WD TV Live or How To Reset Wd Tv Live successfully.


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