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How To Reset WD My Cloud?

If you have a WD My Cloud NAS device and having trouble accessing your data or if your device is acting up, you can troubleshoot the problem by resetting it. You have two different options for resetting your WD My Cloud. You can either soft reset or hard reset the device. Both techniques involve the Reset button on the back of your device. These methods are mentioned in the following topics. Read this page and implement the procedure as discussed to reset your WD My cloud device.

 How To Hard Reset WD My Cloud

Soft Reset WD My Cloud Device

The soft reset is also referred to as a 4-second reset because the procedure takes only 4 seconds to complete. This will reset your admin password to default (No password by default) and network mode (DHCP). If you want to perform a hard reset, proceed with the next section.

  • With your WD My Cloud powered on, press and hold its Reset button for at least 4 seconds. You can use a pointed object like a paper clip or narrow-tipped pen for this procedure.
  • You Can Use A Pointed Object Like A Paper Clip
  • The reset procedure will make your device reboot, which may take up to 5 minutes to complete.
  • Wait until the blinking Blue LED stops blinking and remains lit.
  • Wait Until The Blinking Blue Led Stops
  • This is how you should soft reset your WD My Cloud device.

How To Hard Reset WD My Cloud

It will make significant changes when you hard reset your WD My Cloud device. It will reset Admin User Name (default = “admin”), Admin Password (No password by default), Device Name, SSH (Secure Shell), User Name and Password, All Share permissions (default = Public), Network Mode (default = DHCP), and much more. This technique is also called a 40-second reset. Implement these instructions to proceed further.

  • Power off your WD My Cloud device and remove the power cord.
  • reset wd my cloud
  • After a few seconds, press the Reset button using a pointed object.
  • Continue holding the button for the next 40 seconds.
  • While pressing the Reset button, connect the power cord to your WD My Cloud.
  • Now, your WD My Cloud device will start to reboot.
  • Therefore, this is how you should hard reset your WD My Cloud device.

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