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How To Reset Mozilla Firefox Settings

If you find that your Mozilla Firefox is acting slow or is showing unnecessary advertisements, you can try resetting the browser to the default settings using how to reset Mozilla firefox settings instructions. The reset feature in Firefox will help you in fixing many of the errors. When you restore Firefox to its factory default settings, the essential information such as bookmarks and open tabs will be saved. Important Note: When you reset Firefox settings, the process will impact the other settings like your Homepage button, the default startup tabs, pinned tabs, cookies and site data, extensions and themes, etc. .

Please follow the steps given here to reset Mozilla Firefox to the default settings on a Windows computer:

  • First, click on Mozilla Firefox’s main menu button. You will find it in the form of three horizontal lines. Once you click on it, you will find a drop-down menu.
  • From the menu, select the Help option. When the Help menu gets displayed on your screen, choose the Troubleshooting Information option.
  • On the Troubleshooting Information page, go to the top-right corner and then click on the Refresh Firefox button.
  • Now, in the confirmation window that opens up, click on the Refresh Firefox button.
  • Mozilla Firefox will close now. The browser will then revert to its default settings.
  • When the process is completed, you will see a new window with the list of imported information. Here, click on the Finish button.
  • The old Firefox profile will be saved on your desktop inside a folder called “Old Firefox Data.”
  • While using how to reset Mozilla firefox settings steps, In case the reset does not fix the issue(s) that you are facing, then you can restore some of the unsaved information. This can be achieved by copying files to your newly created profile.
how to reset mozilla firefox settings

  • However, if you think that this folder is not required, you have to delete it from your computer. You have to perform this action because the folder will usually contain some sensitive information.

We have now seen how to reset Mozilla firefox settings to its default.

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