How to Reset HP Printer?

The following document will be informative to reset your HP printer. For any printer issue, the first and foremost solution is to reset it. Resetting your HP printer will resolve most of the printer issue. Read the document and learn the procedure how to reset HP printer.

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How to Reset HP Printer

Easy Guidelines For Reset the HP Printer

The Quick Steps to Bring back the Factory Settings on your HP Printer

  1. Reset the printer to restore the default factory settings.
  2. Note that the language, tray size will remain the same.
  3. Go to the print queue and cancel the print jobs.
  4. Turn off the HP printer and remove the power cord.
  5. Leave the printer undisturbed for at least 30 seconds.
  6. Insert the power cord directly into an electrical outlet and switch it on.
  7. Press and hold Resume for 10-20 seconds, and the Attention light turns on.
  8. Unhold the Resume button and the product restores the factory setting.

The Detailed Procedure to Reset your HP Printer and Restore the Factory Settings

  • You have to reset HP printer if it throws some issue. Resetting will resolve most of the printer issue and set back the printer to normal. Read the below-given procedure which is specifically for Mac computers connected to the HP printer. You can reset the entire printing system on your Mac, and that will remove all the printer & scanners from the print queue. It also removes all the print job, and the settings made on the printing system.
  • The printing system reset includes all the printing devices connected to Mac. This resetting process is important to troubleshoot the printer issues. You have to add all the devices back to work with them. The process will resolve certain issues like print job stuck in the queue, incomplete driver installation, connection issues between the system and the HP printer.
  • All the pending print jobs and printer settings will be erased on resetting. Navigate to the System Preferences by clicking the Apple menu. Click on Printers & Scanners. You can right-click anywhere on the window or press the Control key on the keyboard and then left-click.
  • Click Reset Printing System option and on the resulting page, click Reset and on OK button. Sometimes the window prompt for username and password.
  • Type the necessary details and click OK. The system will get reset now. To begin to work again, restart the printer once. Switch off the printer and leave it in the idle state for a few seconds. Power on your HP printer and wait until the noise settles.
  • Once the printer becomes silent, go to Printers & Scanners option. Identify your printer from the list and look for + Add button. Highlight your printer and click Add. Once the connection is established, take a test print. If you find the printer is not working fine, do a cold reset. Unplug the printer from the power cord and Ethernet cable.
  • The printer should be allowed to rest for a few seconds. Replug the cables and power up your HP printer. Open a word document and perform a test print. By following the above procedure, you can how to reset HP printer.
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