How to Reset Apple TV?

To reset the Apple TV, follow the steps on the document. Erase the settings of the Apple TV, restore the factory settings and start from the first. You have to use the Apple TV’s remote to reset or else instruct using the Siri voice control to reset Apple TV.

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how to reset apple tv

Easy Guidelines For Reset your Apple TV

The Quick Steps to Reset your Apple TV

  1. Go to Settings System Reset and select a reset option
  2. Click on the Reset option to quickly return to the default factory settings
  3. Select Reset and Update option to install software update after restoring to factory default.
  4. Make sure your Apple TV is plugged into the Socket until the reset is completed successfully.
  5. Use the iTunes if the above steps did not work fine.
  6. Open the iTunes on your PC and browse for the latest update.
  7. The iTunes will display the summary page of Apple TV.
  8. Click Restore Apple TV.

The Elaborate Procedure to Reset your Apple TV to Factory Default

The reset button position differs from one streaming device to another. Some old Roku devices require a pin or a paper clip to reset it. The newer Roku devices have a labeled reset button.

Reset Streaming Device to a New Wi-Fi

  • The easiest ways to fix any issue with Apple TV is to reset to factory default. The 4th generation Apple TV can be reset by following the method mentioned below. Browse the Settings and then go to System and then choose Reset from it.
  • You can choose either Reset or Reset and Update. Reset option doesn’t need an Internet connection, and it is a quick way to bring back the default settings.
  • The Reset and Update option will reset the Apple TV to default settings and automatically install the software updates. Until the process finishes, do not turn off the Apple TV.
  • You can also reset the Apple TV using iTunes. If you find any issue while performing an update, unplug the TV and then replug it. Perform the software update again. If you have an Apple 4K TV, you can restore it with Apple iTunes. The following method will be applicable for Apple TV of generation 4 or earlier to it.
  • Gather all the requirements before you begin the process.
    1. A computer that supports iTunes.
    2. A high-speed Internet connection.
    3. A cable or a Micro USB cable of Type C.
  • To restore the Apple TV, disconnect the HDMI cable and remove it from the power cord. Open the iTunes app and check if there is any latest version available. To the rear of the Apple TV, insert the USB type C cable. Make sure to use the quality cable for connection.
  • The other end of the HDMI type C cable should be connected to the system. Go to the summary page in the iTunes app and click on the TV icon. Click on Restore Apple TV. The process finishes quick depending on the speed of the internet. I am sure the above procedure will help you to reset Apple TV.
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