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How To Reset An HP Photosmart Printer?

By resetting your HP Photosmart printer, you can get rid of many printing troubles. Resetting will also clear all the print jobs as well as the settings. In fact, there are some printer troubles and malfunctions that can be resolved only by performing a reset. You can solve many software problems and fix error messages associated with the ink cartridges on the printer by performing a reset. The reset process will also enhance your printer’s performance and increase its speed. Reset an HP Photosmart printer. is quite simple and easy to execute.

How To Reset An HP Photosmart Printer

There are two ways of resetting the HP Photosmart printer. One is by disconnecting it completely from its power source. The other way of resetting is by restoring the printer to its original factory settings. Let’s now have a look at both the methods:

Method 1-Reset By Disconnecting From Power Source

  • First, you have to confirm that the printer is powered on. Next, disconnect the USB cable from the printer.
  • Now, open the printer’s cover and then take out the ink cartridges.
  • You can then close the printer’s cover. Wait for the Insert Ink Cartridges message to appear on the screen.
  • It is now time to disconnect the power cable from the printer.
  • After a minute, reconnect the power cable to the printer.
  • The printer will be powered on automatically.
  • In case the printer does not power on, you have to press its power button.
  • Now, you can open the printer’s cover and reinsert the ink cartridges.
  • Close the cover of the printer and connect the USB cable back to the printer.
  • You have now successfully reset an HP Photosmart printer.

Method 2-Reset By Restoring It To Factory Settings

  • First, access the control panel of your HP Photosmart printer and press the Menu button.
  • Next, press the Up and Down arrows on the printer’s console, locate the Preferences option, and then select it.
  • In case the Preferences option is unavailable, choose the Reset All Menu Settings option. Or else, go to Tools and select the Restore factory defaults option. Here, you have to remember that the menu layout will differ according to the model of your HP Photosmart printer.
  • Finally, highlight the Restore Defaults option and then choose OK.
  • Your HP Photosmart printer will now be restored to its original factory settings. When the process gets over, the printer will inform you through an on-screen message. If you need remote assistance to Reset an HP Photosmart printer
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