Recover Deleted Photos from Android Gallery

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Android Gallery

To recover deleted photos from Android Gallery is an easy task if you follow the steps mentioned in this website. Your Android phone’s gallery tends to lose photos if you don’t keep a check on them. In some cases, you won’t be able to view photos, but that doesn’t mean that they are deleted. They can also be hidden. So follow the steps below to get the solution.

Quick Steps to Recover Deleted Photos from Android Gallery

  1. Several apps are available in the Internet which can be helpful to get your photos back.
  2. Apps like PhotoRec, Recuva, Diskdigger and others are well known for recovering photos.
  3. Change the location where the photos are stored.
  4. Use a memory card to store your photos and videos in your device.
  5. Go to Camera Settings on your phone.
  6. Find the storage option where the photos are being saved.
  7. Set the storage area to SD card.
  8. This is a safety measure so that even if your phone data gets corrupt, your photos will be stored securely on the memory card.

Detailed Procedure on How to Recover Deleted Photos from Android Gallery

  • You will find all the necessary information for the common search query how to recover deleted photos from Android Gallery on this website. As mentioned previously, it is safer to use a memory card rather than using the phone’s internal memory.
  • Clear the junk or unnecessary files from your SD card so as to make space for the photos. If there is no space on your SD card, then the photos will get stored in your phone’s internal memory.
  • To determine your device’s available space, open Settings and select Device Maintenance. Tap the Storage option and select Clean Now. If you are not able to find this option in your device, you can use any file manager application which you can get from the Internet.
  • Sometimes photos can be incorrectly displayed on your screen or might even disappear from the Gallery. If that is the case, format the memory card. If you are not finding the photos in the Gallery, then you can find them in the DCIM folder.
  • The photos taken on your phone will be saved in the DCIM folder. This is the Camera Directory on the SD card or in the phone’s internal memory. If you are not able to find or access them from your phone, you can connect your phone and computer through a USB cable and access them.
  • Else, remove the memory card on your phone and use a card reader to access the files. If you are still not able to find the photos, then use a recovery software to restore them.