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How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows 7?

How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows 7, you can use the document below. There might be a situation where you delete a file thinking it is no longer useful or you choose a wrong file and delete it. The recovery of files is based on the file type, etc. If you have formatted a hard disk, the chances of recovering it are minimum.

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how to recover deleted files in windows 7

Easy Guidelines For Recover Deleted Files Windows 7

The Quick Steps to Recover Deleted Files in Windows 7

  1. Download and install the software on your Windows 7 computer.
  2. Launch the software to restore the deleted file.
  3. Click on This PC on the to open the required interface.
  4. Pick the drive from which the files are deleted.
  5. Press the button Scan to detect the deleted items.
  6. Check whether the interface lists the files you are searching for.
  7. Select the files to restore by marking the checkbox which is on the left.
  8. Press the Save button and choose another drive as a destination to restore the files.

The Elaborate Procedure to Restore Deleted Files in Windows 7

  • To learn the detailed procedure to restore files from Windows 7 PC, follow the document below. If you have accidentally deleted specific files, the files will not be removed entirely from the computer, instead it gets stored in the recycle bin.
  • You can recover files from the recycle bin or restore them if needed. The files in the bin will be automatically cleared after 30 days. Double-click on the respective icon to open the recycle bin. Identify the deleted files and right-click on it.
  • Click on Restore from the menu, and the files will be stored in their original location. This is how you restore files from recycle bin. To recover permanently deleted files, you need a retrieval software.
  • Select a tool and download it on your computer. The download location should not be the same as the one which you are recovering the file. Set the download location to a different drive. For instance, you can use Ease US Data Recovery software.
  • It is a professional tool for data recovery from PC or any removable storage media.
  • The step one would be choosing the File Location. Left-click on the drive from which you have deleted the file.
  • Click Scan and the software automatically starts the scan. Once the scan is done, the resulting page will display the list of deleted files. Identify the files you want to recover and click on the Recover button.
  • You can also restore the previous version of the Windows using the built-in Windows software. When you delete any file or folder using the Shift+Delete button, you can retrieve them with ease as long as you remember the name of the file.
  • First, create a new folder on the desktop and give it is the same name as that of the deleted file. You have to choose the Restore previous versions option. Select the latest one, click Restore and undo the deletion.
  • The files that are permanently deleted will be restored. By following the given procedure, you can restore the deleted files on Windows 7 and How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows 7 System.
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