How to Print from Quicken?

Quicken is a finance management tool developed by Quicken Inc. You can use the tool for performing all your personal financial activities such as recording banking transactions, planning budgets, and the performance of an investment. Moreover, you can get your transaction details directly from your banks or credit card companies using the tool. Today, besides being used as a financial management tool, Quicken is also incorporated into the healthcare and household areas. The currently supported versions of the Quicken software include Starter, Deluxe, and Premier for Windows OS and Mac.Since your financial documents are recorded in the tool, a printing option is provided so that you can get a hardcopy of your paper including budgets, forms and planner pages. Step-by-step instructions for How to Print from Quicken printing a file from the tool are provided below.

How to Print from Quicken

Easy Guidelines For Printing from Quicken

Instructions for Printing from Quicken

  • Launch the Quicken tool.
  • If you are using Quicken Home and Business, and want to print a form, report or budget, click the Print option.
  • For printing a register, a plan or a transaction list, go to the File menu and select Print. The Print option varies depending on the type of file you want to print. For instance, if you’re going to print a check, select the Print Checks option.
  • There are options to change the font and orientation of the document. Click the Printer option to specify the printer you want to print from. Use the Properties option to set the paper size, orientation and resolution of your document. Provide the number of copies you need.
  • Click OK to initiate printing.
  • While printing PDFs, enter the name of PDF and select a location for saving the PDF when prompted by Quicken software. Click the Save option.
  • To print a report comprising a graph, you have options on the software to print the report and the graph on the same page or to print only one. Select or deselect the Graph and Report checkbox in the Print Dialog box.
  • If you want to print a budget, click the customize option, go to the Advanced menu, and select the Budgeted Only option under Categories.
  • While printing a register or transaction list, there are several tools available to include a memo, amount, categories, etc. in a register.
  • To print checks, open the account from which you want to print checks. Click the File menu, and choose Print Checks.
  • Place the check sheets in the input tray of your printer, and enter the first check number and specify the checks to print. Modify the print settings options if required, and click Print. The printer will print your checks. How to Print from Quicken may encounter problems or issues with printer Connect with Our Tech Team.
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