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How to Pair Hopper to Internet

Hopper is actually a set-up box that the US offers to record the shows telecasted on the TV. This way, you will not miss out on any shows or programs. There is a software called AutoHop that will remove all the commercials after recording the shows. Recently, the manufacturer of Hopper released a new version that comes with a sling. The Slingbox-shifting technology is incorporated into the box. It has a 2 TB hard drive to store all the recorded programs in it. It can be connected to three other set-up boxes to watch the recorded shows. Follow the simple instructions on How to Pair Hopper to Internet.

How to Pair Hopper to Internet

Easy Guidelines For How to Pair Hopper to Internet

Quick Instructions on Pair Hopper to Internet

  1. Connect the hopper to the Internet in the first step.
  2. Associate it with a wired or wireless connection based on your choice.
  3. Use an Ethernet cable to connect if you are choosing a wired connection.
  4. Attach the hopper to the wireless network if you want to go with a wireless connection.
  5. Go to the Settings option in the proceeding step.
  6. Select the Internet option in the next screen that appears.
  7. Choose the wireless network and enter the password.
  8. Save the network and start using the hopper.

Detailed Solutions On How to Pair Hopper to Internet

There are two types of connection methods to connect the hopper to the Internet. Wired and wireless connection.


The initial step is to measure the distance between the router and the receiver. The Ethernet cable can transmit data only within the range of 100 meters. If you want to extend it, you have to purchase a longer Ethernet cable. Connect it to the router and receiver along the floor or through your ceiling. Purchase an ethernet cable that has PVC shielding around it to avoid tearing of the cable.

Connect the Ethernet cable to the router. The other end should be associated with the Ethernet port available at the back of the hopper device. The hopper will now have access to the Internet.


Establishing a wireless connection is also as easy as the wired connection if you make use of the steps that are mentioned below.

If you are using the lower version of the Hopper device, then you need to purchase a wireless adapter and plug it into the rear of the Hopper device. By doing so, you will be able to connect to the wireless network.

If you are using the Hopper Sling or Hopper 3 models, then there is no need of attaching a wireless adapter to the hopper.

Make sure the hopper is connected firmly to the TV. Switch on your TV and choose the correct input HDMI channel. Choosing the wrong channels will not let you watch the content available on the hopper device.

Navigate to the Dish menu. Based on the remote you have and press the Menu button or the Home Button twice.

Choose the Settings option available at the top of the screen. Navigate using the arrow keys present on your remote.

Select the Internet option and tap the Wireless Setup option.

Click the Wi-Fi Setup Wizard option. Select a network of your choice in the next screen that appears.

Tap the Next option present on that page. Key in your network’s password in the respective field.

Your Hopper device will be connected to the Internet wirelessly. Get easy steps on How to Pair Hopper to Internet Connections given above.

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