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How to Optimize your Firefox

If you observe that your Firefox browser is still spinning the circle without displaying the text that you want to go through, then you must be aware that the browser is running slow. You can optimize the speed performance of the How to Optimize your Firefox browser using the simple techniques provided below. When you go through them, you may wonder that you already knew these options exist but why you could not recollect.

How to Optimize your Firefox

Quick Guidelines For Optimize your Firefox

Simple steps for How to Optimize your Firefox

  • Clear the browsing data history as it can dump your processor with huge cache and lets the performance of Firefox become slow.
  • So, after every hour, keep clearing Browsing & Download History, Forms & Search History, Cookies, Cache, and Active Logins.
  • To go to the History page of your browser, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys simultaneously on your keyboard.
  • Another reason that could cause your browser to be slow is Add-ons toolbar. Many of us may not know the shortcut to remove these add-ons in Firefox.
  • You should remove the toolbar as it may give access to restricted add-on commands and menus from the commonly used plug-ins.
  • Press Ctrl + / when you are on the Firefox browser to remove the unwanted add-ons.
  • If you have more downloaded files stored on your browser’s downloads compatibility, and you mistakenly click on a file which was already downloaded; again, your browser will hang depending on the file size.
  • Try increasing the local cache storage so that though you could not clear it often, the browser does not run slow.
  • For more information How to Optimize your Firefox, it is suggested to download or browse trustworthy websites.
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