How to Jailbreak Roku?

To jailbreak Roku, follow the instruction given below. You cannot completely jailbreak a Roku but, you can do Screen Monitoring on it. Your device works fine without any Internet connection. This option is named as Miracast.

How to Jailbreak Roku

The Quick Steps to Activate Screen Monitoring on a Roku TV

  • Activate the Miracast feature via their required settings.
  • Navigate the menu on the Roku TV by pressing the Home button using its remote.
  • Go to Settings – – -> System – – -> Screen Monitoring.
  • Select any preferable mode for Screen Monitoring from the list displayed.
  • Choose Prompt from the mode menu.
  • Select Allow when the prompt bar appears on the bottom of the Roku screen.
  • Designate a device and attempt to connect it with Roku.
  • Turn on Always Allow in screen monitoring mode menu to automatically Miracast.

The Elaborate Procedure to Jailbreak or Miracast on a Roku TV using Android Devices

  1. The purpose of jailbreak is to make the device flexible to run a wide variety of applications that are restricted to install on your devices in the traditional method. This process is called as Rooting in Android smartphones and Fire TVs.
  2. The Roku device runs on its own OS called as Roku OS. The OS is compatible with any jailbreaking methods and comparing with Fire TV, Roku doesn’t need any to use the most of it. It provides ease to the customers to include add-ons without hacking it. As jailbreaking is not possible in Roku, you can do Mirroring in it. You can use a secondary device and mirror Kodi to Roku.
  3. Turn on Screen Monitoring before you mirror Kodi to it. Press the Home button on your Roku and go to the main menu. Use the following menu Settings – -> System – -> Screen Monitoring.
  4. The right side of the screen you will find two modes. Choose either Prompt or Always Allow option. The Prompt mode will appear at the bottom of the TV screen when its time for you connect the device. If you choose Always Allow option then, it automatically initiates and connects with the device. Screen Monitoring is turned on and the device.
  5. The next step is to install Kodi on a secondary device. If you are using Android then, it is recommended to use Kodi. Open the Google Play Store on your Smartphone or Tablet. Search for Kodi and select the Install button. When the display requests for permission, accept the same.
  6. You can launch Kodi on your Android device now. Once Kodi installation is over you can set up the screen monitoring. Tap on the menu button of your Android device and go to the settings screen.
  7. Scroll down the settings and choose Display. Search Screen Monitoring and tap on the Roku device on the list. Screen monitoring has different names like SmartShare, Wireless Display, Screen Casting, etc. You can start watching Kodi once the casting is done. Confirm that your Roku is plugged in and in the active state. Launch Kodi on your Android and then choose a movie to stream on your device. Open the player and start the video, the movie will be cast on your Roku TV. Note that both your Android and Roku TV should be connected to the same wireless network for screen monitoring. The above-elaborated procedure helps you to jailbreak or Miracast on Roku TV with ease.
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