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Chromebooks are easy to use, portable, and have many functionalities. But unfortunately, many games and applications are not yet released for Chrome OS. However, the Windows OS provides more benefits, especially in terms of program availability. So, if you are looking up to install Windows 10 on your Chromebook, then follow the below instructions.


How To Install Windows 10 On Chromebook

  • First, shut down your Chromebook and then flip it to the backside.
  • Now, remove all the screws at the corners of the back panel and open the case.
  • Search for the write-protect screw and remove it.
  • Next, close the back cover of your Chromebook.
  • Make sure not to turn on your device.
  • Now, press the Esc + Refresh + Power keys together on the keyboard to turn on your Chromebook.
  • Press the CTRL + D keys together on the keyboard.
  • You will see the Chrome OS is missing or damaged message on the screen.
  • Press the Enter key on the keyboard to turn off OS verification and enable developer mode on your device.
  • Now, connect your Chromebook to the power source wait for some time to enable developer mode on your device.
  • Once your computer turns on, load the Chrome OS by pressing the CRTL + D key.
  • Now, proceed with the on-screen prompts to set up your Chromebook again just as you bought it for the first time.
  • Once you have loaded Chrome OS, press the CTRL + ALT + T key together on the keyboard to launch the command terminal on your Chromebook’s browser window.
  • In the command terminal, type shell and press the Enter key on the keyboard.
  • Input the following command into the terminal dialog box to download and run the Chrome OS Firmware Utility script.
  • cd; curl -LO


    && sudo bash firmware-util.sh

  • Next, enter 3 in the command window and press the Enter key on the keyboard to choose Install/Update Full ROM firmware.
  • To install UEFI firmware, type Y in the command window and again type Y.
  • If you wish to create a backup copy of your Chromebook’s BIOS to reinstall the Chrome OS later, then insert a USB flash drive into your computer’s USB port and follow the on-screen instructions carefully.
  • After creating the backup Chromebook, the firmware to run the Windows OS will automatically start to install on your computer.


Installing The Windows 10 Os On Chromebook
  • Open the default browser on your Windows computer and download the Windows 10 OS.
  • Insert an empty USB drive into your computer and open the downloaded Windows file.
  • Click on the Accept button in the Applicable notices and license terms window.
  • Choose the Create Installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) for another PC option and click the Next button.
  • Here, select the Use the recommended options for this PC checkbox and click Next.
  • Now, choose the USB flash drive option and click the Next button.
  • Select your respective USB drive and click Next.
  • Wait for some time to create the installation media.
  • Once done, click Finish and remove the USB flash drive from your computer.
  • On your Chromebook, insert the USB drive on which you have downloaded the Window 10 OS.
  • Turn on your Chromebook.
  • If the Windows installer does not start automatically from the USB drive, press the ESC key on the keyboard and navigate to your USB drive and click it.
  • Now, connect a USB mouse and keyboard to your Chromebook.
  • On the Windows Setup screen, choose your language and region from the drop-down list and click Next.
  • Here, click on the Install Now button and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Windows 10 installation on your Chromebook.
  • After completing the installation, remove the hard drive and restart your Chromebook.
How To Install Windows 10 On Chromebook

You can install the Windows 10 OS on your Chromebook by following the above instructions.


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