How To Install Kyocera Printer Drivers?

The Kyocera printers have brought themselves a reputation for being extremely reliable and are also easy to use with the capability of printing high-quality documents in larger volumes. When it comes to cost, the Kyocera printers have been an added advantage compared to the other well-known printers. We will now be seeing the steps on how to install Kyocera printer drivers. First, you need to download the printer driver from the manufacturer’s website.

How To Install Kyocera Printer Drivers?

  • Open the default browser on your computer.
  • Enter the official Kyocera URL in the address bar and press the Enter button.
  • When the page opens, select the country and the region under which you have to click the Download option.
  • Select the Printer option from the Product Category drop-down list.
  • Select the Printer model number from the Products drop-down list.
  • Click the Technical Downloads option to expand it and then select Drivers.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and click the download button located on the extreme right side for the appropriate driver.
  • The Kyocera printer driver will be downloaded to your computer.
  • Right-click the downloaded driver package and select the Unzip option to extract the files present in the folder.
  • The driver will be extracted.

Add Kyocera Printer Using USB Interface

  • Take out the USB cable and connect it to the computer and connect the other end of the cable to the rear end of the Kyocera printer.

Configure Settings On The Computer

  • Click the Windows icon.
  • Click the Control Panel option from the list.
  • Click Devices and Printers option.
  • On the left side of the window, click the Printer tasks and then select the option Add a printer.
  • The printer wizard will now open. Carry out the on-screen instructions to complete the driver installation. If you still have any queries on how to install Kyocera printer drivers, click the call button available on the screen.
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