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How To Install Ink Cartridge In HP Printer

To install the ink cartridges in an HP Printer, check the ink levels before replacing the cartridge. Purchase a new compatible cartridge and take out the empty cartridge from the slot. Install the new cartridges and then align them correctly.

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How To Install Ink Cartridge In HP Printer

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Steps to Install Ink Cartridges in an HP Printer

  1. Check the ink levels of the cartridges installed in your printer.
  2. Take out the empty or low-level ink cartridges from the slots.
  3. Purchase new ink cartridges from an HP Store.
  4. Ensure that the new cartridge is genuine and compatible.
  5. Unwrap the packaging and take out the new cartridge.
  6. Hold the cartridge on its sides and in a slight upward angle.
  7. Insert the cartridge into the appropriate slot.
  8. Wait as the printer aligns the installed cartridge.

Procedure to Install Ink cartridges in an HP Printer

  • When you find that the ink levels in the cartridges are low or empty, or any problem with any installed cartridges, replace that cartridge with a new one. Before going to purchase a new cartridge, learn about the cartridges and buy the cartridges that suit your printer model. Ink cartridges may vary according to various printer model and also based on the Country/Region.
  • Contact an HP Store or reliable local retail shop to buy a genuine new ink cartridge. After purchasing a new cartridge, load some paper on the main paper tray of your printer to print the alignment page. Uncover the ink cartridge from the packaging.
  • Place your finger on the sides of the cartridge and hold it. Remove the orange or yellow tape on the cartridge surface. In some cartridges, twist the colored tab and remove it. Be cautious not to touch the copper electrical contacts or any other parts of the cartridge because it may affect the print quality.
  • Take the ink cartridge that you need to replace from the slot after opening the cartridge access door. Press the cartridge slightly inwards to remove it from the slot. Place the removed cartridge in a container.
  • Now take the new replacement cartridge and shake it slowly to get the ink particles to mix up well.
  • Match the color letter on the slot and the color dot on the cartridge before installing it into the slot. Insert the black ink cartridge into the left slot of the carriage, and the tri-color cartridge into the right slot of the carriage.
  • Slowly insert the cartridge into the slot in a slight upward angle and move it inside until snaps into the opening. Place a finger on the cartridge to push it gently to fix in its place. Ensure that the cartridges are properly fixed, and check the carriage movement across the width of the printer.
  • After ensuring the correct placement of the ink cartridge, shut the cartridge access gateway. Be patient for a few minutes until the printer aligns the ink cartridges and prints the alignment page. If the printer fails to print the alignment page on its own, move to the computer to which the printer is connected.
  • Search and open the HP Solution Center software. Click the Settings menu and then select the Printer Toolbox option. Wait until the Printer Toolbox dialog box opens up. From the Printer Toolbox window, click Align the Print Cartridge option and then click Align. Go after the instructions shown on the screen to start the printer calibration and alignment. Now the HP Product prints an Alignment page.
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