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How To Install HP Laserjet 1320 Printer?

Installing the HP LaserJet 1320 printer is not difficult if you follow the quick steps given on this site. This printer comes with a 250-sheet paper input tray, 2500-page print cartridge, and supports Automatic 2-sided printing. If you are install HP Laserjet 1320 printer for the first time, follow the steps mentioned below.

Install HP Laserjet 1320 Printer

  • You have to unpack the printer first.
  • Next, take out the printer supplies such as power cord, network cable, user guide, USB cable, and software installation disc.
  • Remove the protective tapes and covers from the printer.
  • Open the ink access door and remove the packing materials.
  • Take out the print cartridge and remove the orange clip from it.
  • Gently shake the toner cartridge to spread the toner evenly inside the unit.
  • After removing the sealing tape and the orange transfer roller spacer, insert the print cartridge into the printer.
  • Close the print cartridge door and pull out the paper input tray from the printer.
  • Load a stack of legal plain paper into the paper tray after fanning them to install HP Laserjet 1320 printer.
  • Ensure that you have properly adjusted the loaded paper in the paper input tray.
  • Insert the paper input tray into the printer and turn on the printer by connecting it to an electrical outlet with the supplied power cord.
  • Next, insert the software installation disc into the computer’s CD/DVD drive and open the setup file to run the driver installation process.
  • Alternatively, you can download the HP printer driver from the official HP site and install it on your computer.
  • Select either the wired connection, wireless connection, or USB connection as your connection type.
  • Finish the driver installation process with the help of the on-screen prompts.
  • After install HP Laserjet 1320 printer driver on your computer, verify the printer function.
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