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How To Install HP Laserjet 1020 Plus Printer

HP Laserjet is a single function printer that makes printing easier. It is a low-cost monochrome printer that makes printing jobs-affordable. Proceed with the guidelines that are given below to install the HP Laserjet 1020 printer.

Step 1: Unpacking the HP Laserjet 1020 printer

  • First, take out the HP printer from the carton. 
  • Remove the tapes, plastic films, and covers from the printer.
  • Make sure to place the printer in a location that is away from the direct sunlight.
  • Check the contents of the printer included in the package.
  • Open the cartridge access door and remove the orange shipping restraint. Keep the door open to install ink cartridges.

Step 2: Laserjet 1020 Installing the ink cartridges

  • Unpack the ink cartridges from its cover and gently shake the toner cartridge.
  • Now, pull out the orange tab to remove the packing material in the cartridge.
  • Lower the output tray. Insert the cartridge firmly and press it down until it clicks into place.
  • Close the ink cartridge access door.
How To Install Hp Laserjet 1020 Plus Printer

Step 3: Connecting the Power Cord

  • Connect the power cord to the rear side of the printer.
  • Plug the other end of the power cord in to an electrical outlet.
  • Now, press the Power Switch on the rear side of the printer to turn it on.

Step 4: Loading Paper

  • Slide the paper guides in the input tray according to the size of the paper that you are going to load.
  • Fan a stack of paper and tap the stack on a flat surface before loading.
  • Insert the stack of paper into the tray and slide the paper guides towards the edges of the paper.
  • Close the input tray with its cover by properly fixing it.

Step 5: HP LJ1020 Installing the software

  • Insert the installation disc into the CD drive of your computer.
  • You can also download the software from the official HP website.
  • Choose a preferred connection type when prompted.
  • Complete the HP printer’s driver installation by following the on-screen instructions.
  • You can print from your computer easily after installing the driver.
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