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How To Install Hp Envy 7155 Printer?

HP Envy 7155 is an all-in-one thermal inkjet printer. Using this thermal inkjet printer, you can perform the print, scan, and copy operations over a wireless or a USB cable connection. The network connection, printer setup, and the software installation process of this printer are quite easy and simple to perform. Inside this thermal inkjet printer, you can find the components such as HP Envy Photo 7155 all-in-one printer, HP Black instant ink ready cartridges, HP 64 Setup Tri-color Instant Ink Ready Cartridges, power cord, setup card, getting started guide, and media pack and install Hp Envy 7155 Printer.

The below section will help you with the HP Envy 7155 printer installation on the Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. Before going into the installation process, let’s see the steps for the printer’s first time setup.

  • First, unpack your HP Envy 7155 printer package.
  • Gently, take off all the protective tapes surrounding the printer.
  • Connect the printer to an electrical outlet and turn it on.
  • Make the basic preferences as instructed on the printer’s screen.
  • Install the genuine ink cartridges into your HP printer when prompted.
  • Make sure to unpack the ink cartridges properly before inserting them into your HP printer.
  • Load a stack of plain paper into the main tray of the printer.
  • With this, the printer’s hardware setup will be completed.
  • Now, begin the install Hp Envy 7155 Printer and software installation as instructed below.

Installation using a USB cable:

  • Before you begin this installation process, get a USB cable from a trusted online retail store.
  • Make sure to connect the USB cable between the printer and your computer only when prompted during the software installation process.
  • If the USB cable is connected to your computer, disconnect it.

For Windows users:

  • Now, insert the setup CD into your Windows laptop or desktop’s disc tray.
  • Wait for the installer file to detect your OS.
  • Once it is done, the install Hp Envy 7155 Printer process will begin automatically.
  • Connect the USB cable between the HP Envy 7155 printer and your computer when prompted.
  • Follow the prompts displayed on the screen to complete the driver installation process.
  • After completing the driver installation process, you can try a test print.

For Mac users:

  • Perform the software installation using the downloaded driver file.
  • If prompted, enter your Mac computer’s password in the required field.
  • Carry out the instructions displayed on the setup screen and complete the process of install Hp Envy 7155 Printer.

Installation using a wireless network:

If you wish to connect the printer to a wireless network that is already installed on a USB cable network, then follow the instructions given below.

For Windows users:

You can change the connectivity type from the USB cable to wireless using the HP Smart app and HP Printer Setup & Software Utility.

Using HP Printer Setup & Software Utility:

  • On your Windows computer, open the HP Printer Assistant tool.
  • In this tool, click Utilities/Tools > Printer Setup & Software/Device Setup & Software > Convert a USB connected printer to wireless.
  • Complete the further process by following the prompts displayed on the screen.

Using the HP Smart app:

  • First, make sure that you have installed the HP Smart app on your Windows computer.
  • If not, install it and then perform the connectivity process.
  • Launch the HP Smart app on your Windows computer.
  • Click the Learn More command line available beside the Make printing easier by connecting your printer wirelessly option.
  • Connect your HP printer over the wireless network by following the instructions displayed on the screen.

Install HP Envy 7155 printer on an Android or iOS device:

  • On your hand-held device, install the HP Smart app.
  • Connect your HP printer and the mobile device to the same wireless network.
  • For the iOS device users: If prompted, enable your device’s Bluetooth feature.
  • Add your HP Envy 7155 printer to the application by performing the prompts displayed on your device screen.
  • Finally, try a test print after the completing the install Hp Envy 7155 Printer
install Hp Envy 7155 Printer

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