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How to Install Google Chromecast?

Read the below-given steps and learn how to install Google Chromecast. The Chromecast is one of the best and cheapest streaming devices available. You need to initiate the setup process to start working with the Google Chromecast. You need an HDMI TV and Chromecast in your Android device.

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Easy Guidelines For Install Google Chromecast

The Quick Steps to Install Google Chromecast

  1. Connect the Google Chromecast to your HDMI TV using a USB cable.
  2. Go to the respective App store and download the Google Home app.
  3. Choose a device to set up and tap Continue when prompted.
  4. Select Yes, when the code displayed on the TV and the hand device is the same.
  5. Modify the Privacy & Guest options and choose a name.
  6. Establish Internet connection to Chromecast.
  7. Login into your Google Account using the credentials.
  8. Take a tutorial to know how Casting works on Google Home devices.

The Elaborate Procedure to Install Google Chromecast on HDMI TV

  • The procedure to install Google Chromecast does not involve complicated steps. Read the document given below and set up your device in ease. Chromecast is one of the best and low-priced streaming device.
  • Connect or hook up Chromecast to your TV. Plug the Google device into the HDMI port of your TV and the USB into a power outlet. Once the hard connection is made, you have to download the Google Home app from the Play Store now.
  • Many Android comes with Google Home app pre-installed in it. If you are going to use Chromecast on a computer, you don’t need to install an app, and Google Chrome itself is enough.
  • You can turn on the TV now and select the appropriate input. Navigate to the upper right corner of the screen. The screen will prompt you to set up a new device.
  • The application will set up the Chromecast, and you have to just tap Continue.
  • Your TV and the hand device will show a code. If both the codes match, select Yes. At this stage, you can modify the privacy and guest settings on the screen.
  • You have to connect the Chromecast to the Internet for live streaming. Gather the network credentials. Choose a network and enter the necessary details. Note that the Chromecast and the hand device which contains app should be connected to the same network.
  • You can bring up your history and preferences by logging into the Google Account which is synced along with your device. You will require the email Id and password to login into the account.
  • You can use the video tutorial to see how the casting of devices work and what are the functions you can perform, with them. Using the above given detailed procedure, you can install Google Chromecast on your TV or computer.
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