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How to Install Exodus on Kodi

Exodus is an open source software that can be used in streaming and mobile devices. If you are installing it on a streaming device, use the Add-On feature to do the same. It is used to watch movies, TV Shows and more. You can how to install Exodus on Kodi 17.1 and 18 versions.

How to Install Exodus on Kodi

Easy Guidelines For How to Install Exodus on Kodi

Instructions for How to Update Exodus On Smartphones

  1. Open Kodi on your smartphone.
  2. Click the Add-ons option under the Settings menu.
  3. Right-click the Exodus application on the screen.
  4. Choose the Information option.
  5. Wait until the Installation Wizard displays and choose the Update option.
  6. Select it and then start the update process.
  7. Now the Add-on is available in the latest version.
  8. Get all the latest features available in the Add-ons.

Step by Step Guidelines to Install Exodus on Kodi

Install the Kodi app on your streaming device. On your app, the Settings option is available on top of the screen. Use the remote of the streaming device to move to the System Settings option and click OK. Find the Add-ons option on the left panel of the screen. Enable the Unknown sources option to provide permission to install the third-party apps.

Revert to the System Settings option and select the File Manager option. The Add Source option is available as the third one on the list, click on it. A message of Add file source displays on the screen. Type the URL of the Exodus app. Use the keypad available on the screen for typing. The URL is i-a-c.github.io/repo. Click OK.

Rename the file and click OK to add it. Under the File Manager option, the setup file is available in the zip format. Move to the Home screen of the software. Use the down arrow on the remote to access the Add-ons option. Different types of Add-ons display on the screen.

An open-box icon displays on top of the screen. Select the Install from zip file option to begin the process. The Add-on starts to install on the Kodi app.

Move to the original app and click the Install option to begin the download process. You can view the status of the Download process. Various files in Exodus starts to download one after the other. The app is available on the main screen after the installation completes.

Open the Settings option of the app. Click Tools -> Settings: Providers -> Choose Module Provider Source : Default. Use the drop-down arrow adjacent to the option and click Lambda Scrapers and set it as the Default one. After installing the app, enjoy watching movies and TV shows from the list.

You can use the same guidelines for Android mobile phones too. Initially, download the Kodi app on your mobile device and then follow the How to Install Exodus on Kodi instructions mentioned above.

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