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How to Get NVIDIA Control Panel?

To get the solution for how o get NVIDIA Control Panel on your computer, follow the documents below. NVIDIA is specially made for Microsoft powered PC’s that controls the hardware and access software on the computer.

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How to get NVIDIA Control Panel

Easy Guidelines For Get NVIDIA Control Panel

The Quick Steps to Get NVIDIA Control Panel on your System

  1. Install the necessary software in Windows PC
  2. Right-click on the Windows Desktop.
  3. Click NVIDIA from the context menu of the control panel.
  4. Press the Start button or click on its icon, located to the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  5. Click on the Contol Panel to open the same.
  6. Choose NVIDIA Control Panel from Classic View of Windows Vista panel.
  7. Choose Additional Option from the Home View of the control panel.
  8. Locate the NVIDIA panel from the page and click on the same.

The Elaborate Procedure to Get NVIDIA Control Panel on your Device

  1. Read the detailed procedure given below to get NVIDIA Control Panel. The NVIDIA panel helps to control the hardware and other software installed in your device. The graphics drivers are available for the Windows version starting from Windows XP to Windows 7 OS.
  2. You have to download the NVIDIA control panel. Look for the latest version and OS compatibility before downloading it. The Windows store is previously installed with the NVIDIA control panel app during driver installation. The minimum system requirement to install the app is
    • NVIDIA GPU with DCH1 driver.
    • Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update or Later(17134 builds or higher).
    • X64 CPU.
  3. Right-click on the Windows desktop and check the type of driver installed. After right-clicking, choose NVIDIA Control Panel and then click on the System Information link. The link will be available at the bottom left-hand corner of the NVIDIA Control panel.
  1. Identify Driver Type and select any one of the following,
    • DCH
    • Standard
  2. If you are choosing Standard, then you don’t need to download NVIDIA Control panel app from the Microsoft store. You can uninstall the app using the Windows settings. Go to Settings and choose App from it.
  3. Select Apps & Features and the Windows will not automatically reinstall the NVIDIA Control Panel application. So next time if you want to upgrade, do it manually by visiting the store.
  4. To re-install the app, go to Microsoft App store and click on the vertical three dots at the corner of the screen. Go to My Library and search for NVIDIA Control Panel and then click on the install button. Log on to the Microsoft Account, and you can view the history. If you do not have an account, it is simple to create a new one and access the store. The Microsoft account will be useful not only to install NVIDIA but also for working with other products of Microsoft.
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