How to Get a Printer Online HP?

To turn your HP printer online, set your printer active, connect to an active network connection that has high-speed internet access, upgrade the printer firmware, and install the updated driver file. Install HP Print and Scan Doctor to resolve the offline issue.

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How to Get a Printer Online HP

Easy Guidelines For Get a Printer Online HP

Steps to Get your Printer Online from Offline

  1. Connect your HP printer to a stable power source using a power cord.
  2. Ensure your printer is active and ready to work.
  3. Pair your printer with a wireless router network.
  4. Ensure the wireless network has fast internet access.
  5. Connect your computer and printer to the same network.
  6. Clear the error messages shown on the printer screen.
  7. Run HP Print and Scan Doctor to resolve offline issues.
  8. Update printer driver software and firmware file to the latest version.

Procedure to Turn your Printer Online from Offline

  • To turn your HP Printer online, follow some troubleshooting methods and get rid of the printer offline message. Learn the procedure to follow the troubleshooting methods from this article.
  • Use the power cord that you bought with your printer to connect your HP printer to the stable power source. Ensure that you have connected the printer cord firmly. Switch your printer to operating condition. If it does not turn online, the power connection not a problem.
  • Check for any error message on the printer operator panel. If it displays any paper jam or paper feed issue, check the cartridge gateway and remove the paper jams from the paper feed rollers and input tray. Install the ink cartridges properly and check the ink levels of the installed cartridges. If any of the ink cartridges shows low ink level, replace that cartridge with a new replacement cartridge. Clear all the error messages displayed on the control panel.
  • Set up a router network and link it with a broadband connection. Check and ensure that the network connection has fast internet access. Pair your printer and computer to the same network connection. If you are using the USB network connection, use a USB cable of appropriate length. While using a wired network connection, check if the Ethernet cable is connected correctly.
  • After connecting your printer to a network, print a network configuration page to check the network connection.
  • Download and install the HP Print and Scan Doctor (HP PSDR) application on your computer that is specially designed to resolve the printer offline issues. If the problem is not fixed, search for the Devices and Printer menu on your control panel. Find your printer under the Printer title. Remove the list of all the available printers except your current HP Printer. Right-click on your printer name and select the Set as Default Printer option.
  • If you are using an obsolete driver software, uninstall the outdated driver file installed on your computer and the files & folders related to the driver. Visit the manufacturer’s site and type your printer name in the search box. Download and install the latest driver software file on your computer. Also, upgrade the printer firmware to the most recent version.
  • If still the printer does not turn online, reset your printer settings to the default factory settings. Restart your printer after resetting the printer settings. If the printer remains to be offline even after trying out all the troubleshooting steps, contact your printer service center and get the printer serviced.
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