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How To Free Space In Startup Disk Mac? Clear Instructions

You will receive a message on the Apple System when the disk is almost full. This means you won’t be able to download new files, open attachments or install new programs. So you should free up space in the disk for further usage. Go with the steps below to perform the same.

 How To Clear Up Space On Startup Disk Macbook

How To Make More Space On Mac Startup Disk – Detailed Guide

Steps to Free Up Startup Disk

  • Erase similar or duplicate files.
  • You can free up space by deep cleaning the MacBook drive.
  • Manually delete large files and apps which are older.
  • Remove old iTunes Library backups by opening the Finder window and choose Go in the menu bar of the screen.
  • Choose Go to Folder.
  • Select Music\iTunes and delete the old ones which you don’t want.
  • Take a backup of the old iOS.
  • Clear iOS software updates.
  • Erase the photos in the library which you don’t need by selecting Photos library in Finder.
  • Choose Show Package Contents. You can see many files under the Resource window. Delete them accordingly.
  • Also, deleting movies and the Downloads folder can help.
  • Clean up your desktop.
  • Right-click the Trash icon, and choose Empty Trash.

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