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How to Fix Screen Unresponsive Issues?

Why is my Screen Unresponsive?

  • Your screen becomes unresponsive for various reasons.
  • If the touchscreen is damaged, it may not respond properly.
  • When the phone gets exposed to high temperature, moisture and other external factors might physically damage the screen of your device.
  • A broken screen will become unresponsive.
  • If the Android system crash after an update, How to Fix screen unresponsive.
How to Fix screen unresponsive

Easy Guidelines For Causes Behind Unresponsive Screen

Causes Behind Unresponsive Screen?

  1. Any physical damage on the display screen will make it unresponsive.
  2. If any malicious apps are installed, the crashing of it will make the, How to Fix screen unresponsive.
  3. The firmware update will crash the launch of Android, and that freezes the screen.
  4. When the settings of the phone are modified manually might affect the performance.
  5. The screen will stop working and not respond for no reason.

Resetting Unresponsive Screen

You have to reset the unresponsive screen to start working with the device again. If your phone’s screen is not physically damaged and also not responsive, software issue would be the major cause.

How to Reset iPhone with the Unresponsive Screen?

  1. The home screen touch becomes unresponsive, and you have to restart the device.
  2. Press and hold the side button of your iPhone until the screen displays power off appears.
  3. Swiping the screen up would shut down the phone. Now, press the side button to turn it on.
  4. If you cannot switch off, then you have to reset your iPhone.
  5. Allow a fast press to the Volume Up button and release it.
  6. Give a quick press to the Volume Down button and release it.
  7. Hold on to the side button after giving it a press until the screen turns off.

How to Reset the Android Phone with Unresponsive Screen?

  • Perform a soft reset by simply turning off your Android device and restarting it again.
  • Check if the SD card inserted is fine else, eject it out and restart the device.
  • If your Android uses a removable battery, take it out and re-insert it after few minutes.
  • Download and install anti-malware application and scan your device.
  • Using the apps available on the play store, calibrate the touch screen and improve its accuracy.
  • Perform a factory – reset, this would, How to Fix screen unresponsive
  • If your phone is physically damaged, replace the touch screen to fix the same.

Unlocking Unresponsive Screen

locking an unresponsive screen is not an easy task. By doing a factory reset using the buttons, you can fix the screen. But reset should wipe off the old settings. Read the document below for more information.

How to Unlock iPhone with Unresponsive Screen?

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable.
  2. Select the model of your iPhone listed in the home page and click the Summary tab.
  3. Choose the Check for update option and then click Restore iPhone button.
  4. You can also run the program on the computer and choose the Unlock option from it.
  5. Bring your phone to DFU mode to unlock it through a computer screen.
  6. Press the Power button and then hold the Volume Down button until DFU mode turns on.
  7. Click Unlock know to unlock the phone with zero data loss.
How to Unlock iPhone with Unresponsive Screen
How to Unlock Android Phone with Unresponsive Screen

How to Unlock Android Phone with Unresponsive Screen?

  1. The Android control apps will let you unlock the Android phone through PC.
  2. Make sure USB debugging feature is turned on your Android device.
  3. Use an OTG cable and connect it to a Mouse and it will become USB host.
  4. You can simply plug your phone to the charging unit and unlock the phone when the screen lits.
  5. Run the Android Debug Bridge from your computer to execute developer like changes.
  6. Download the app Tenoshare Android Locker from Windows Store to unlock the Android phone.
  7. You can also unlock your unresponsive Android device by running the Google Remote Unlock.

Backing Up Phones with unresponsive screens

While unlocking the phones with an unresponsive screen by itself becomes a bit difficult, backing up the phone needs few steps to be followed. There are apps available to take a backup on your phone with an unresponsive screen.

How to Backup iPhone with Unresponsive Screen?

  • Use Free iPhone Recovery apps to back up the data in your iPhone into the PC.
  • Download and run the tool on the computer to which your iPhone is connected previously.
  • Click Scan to begin and check if the utilities can able to identify your phone.
  • Preview the media file including photos and music and save them on your computer.
  • If only your screen is a problem, try to replace the screen.
  • If you can able to open Siri, perform the backup using voice control options.
  • The iCloud will have the media files in it, open the sane using the Apple account and backup the files.

How to Backup Android Phone with Unresponsive Screen?

  • Change the broken or damaged screen of your Android and perform the backup.
  • If your Android is synced with the cloud, you can easily retrieve data from it via computer.
  • If a part of the screen works fine, follow the menu method to backup.
  • Go to Settings and then select Backup & Reset option.
  • You can download the recovery tool from the Play store for backing up the files.
  • Connect your Android device to your computer and access it using the downloaded tool.
  • Choose the files to back up and preview them. Click on the Recover button to start recovering the files. For more How to Fix screen unresponsive guide connect with our expert’s.
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