• How to Fix Mac Error Codes 50

How to Fix Mac Error Code 50?

The Error code 50 on Mac computer occurs when you are trying to copy files from one drive location to another. It is due to corrupted files, obsolete software or OS, junk files, incomplete system configuration, and hardware related issues. If you wish to fix the MAC error code 50 on your Mac computer, follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting methods.

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How To Fix MAC Error Code 50

Solution: 1

  • On your Mac desktop, open the App Store and click the Update icon.
  • If the software and other applications need to be updated, click the “Update All” button.
  • Installing the update may rectify the MAC error code 50 on your Mac computer.

Solution: 2

  • Open the in-built Mac tool named “Disk utility” on your Mac by clicking the Applications folder followed by Utilities.
  • The improper permission may also be cause for error code 50 on your Mac.
  • Therefore, open the “Disk Utilities” tool and click the First Aid tab followed by Run to rectify the error.

Solution: 3

  • Click the Finder icon and type “Go” in the Finder menu.
  • Locate the Go to Folder option from the drop-down list.
  • Type “~/Library/Caches” in the text box and click Go.
  • On the Cache folder, and select all by clicking CMD + A shortcut keys.
  • Now, move all the selected files to the Trash folder and empty the Trash.
  • Make sure to back up the files before moving it to the Trash.
  • Check whether the error code 50 appears on your Mac.
  • Restart your Mac and check if the error appears again.
  • If the MAC error code 50 problem persists, contact our technical support team by clicking the Call button available on this screen for remote assistance.
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