• How To Fix MacBook Pro 2013 Error 102?

How To Fix Error 102 MacBook Pro 2013?

Are you facing error code 102 MacBook Pro 2013 and wondering how to get rid of it? Then, you’ve landed on the right page. Before getting into the troubleshooting steps, understand the concept and the causes of the error 102 MacBook Pro 2013 .

Error 102 MacBook Pro 2013

Fix Error Code 102 Macbook Pro 2013

What’s Error 102?

Error 102 on a Mac commonly occurs when you try to update applications. Problems in Preference files, installed applications, or full usage of start-up disk and Kernel Panic issues can also give rise to error 102 on MacBook Pro.

Causes Of The Error

  • Virus or bugs on your Mac operating system
  • Modified network configuration issue

Step 1: Remove The Damaged File

  • On your MacBook Pro 2013, click on the Finder icon and search for the application that needs to be uninstalled.
  • If the application is in a folder, check for its uninstaller. Now, double-click the uninstaller and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • In case the app is not in a folder or doesn’t come with an uninstaller, drag it from the applications folder to the Trash.

Step 2: Clear The Preference File

  • On your MacBook Pro, go to Finder and select GO > Go To Folder.
  • Enter Library in the search box and press the Return key.
  • Open the Preferences folder and find the preferred files associated with the app that you have just removed. Drag them to Trash.

Step 3: Restart Your MacBook Pro

  • Click on the Apple icon at the top-right corner and select Restart.
  • Your Mac reboots and starts automatically.

Still, if the error 102 MacBook Pro 2013 is not fixed, contact our support team for more assistance.

Step 3: Restart your MacBook Pro