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How to Fix Mac Error 102?

The Mac operating system is used by a vast number of users all around the world, due to which the Mac devices may fall into some errors which can be sorted out quickly. The Mac error 102 happens when there are issues with the Apple Store, Mac App Store, firewall problems, and ian ncomplete installation. When the operating system error code 102 occurs on your system, some files may have gone corrupted and results in iTunes issues.

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How to Fix Mac Error 102?

Proceed with the steps given below to fix the error code 102 on your Mac device

Error Code 102
  • In most cases, the error displays the program name due to which the problem has happened.
  • Open the program which the error displayed and follow the instructions on the screen to solve the issue.
  • If the problem persists, uninstall the program in which the error frequently occurs.
  • Reinstall the program to a version in which it supports your Mac operating system.
  • Restart your Mac device and start the computer in Safe mode.
  • Press both the Shift keys together to enter the Safe mode.
  • Delete the cached files and restart your computer.

Cleaning cached files:

  • Clean the junk files and cached files to avoid errors on Mac.
  • Open the Finder application from the Dock and press Command+Shift+G. 
  • In the Go to the folder window, enter ~/Library/Caches to open the cache files.
  • Select all the cached files and click the Delete button.
  • Otherwise, open the library and delete any extension files.
  • Close all the open applications to delete all the junk files from the Mac computer.
  • After deleting all the junk files, the Mac device should function properly.
  • Open Finder and select the Applications section. Click the Utility button and choose Disk Utility.
  • Then, start the disk repairing process. Restart your Mac computer after the repair is complete to solve the error. If you still didn’t resolve the Mac error 102 , contact our technical experts for remote assistance.
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