• How to Fix Error 102 Mac Update

How to Fix Mac Error 102?

Are you receiving the How to Fix Mac Error 102 when trying to download the update? If yes, you’re not alone, and error 102 is not a new one. It is a common error that is faced by many macOS users like you. So, don’t worry.

Read this article thoroughly to know the possible causes of the error 102 and the effective solutions that help you resolve this error on your own. First, let’s see why you get the error 102.

How to Fix Error 102 Mac

The Mac 102 error is displayed on the computer screen when trying to download the update. So, you can conclude that this error code alerts you that you can’t complete the update due to some reasons. The cause of the error can be:

  • Temporary bugs.
  • App errors.
  • Malware attack.
  • Unstable or poor internet connection.
  • Corrupted software files.
  • Cache files on your Mac computer, etc.

Even if the Mac 102 error occurs due to several reasons, you can resolve it. To learn more, continue reading.

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How to Fix Error 102 Mac Update – Best and Simple Solutions

  • First, check to ensure that your Mac computer’s Internet connection is active and stable.
  • Next, restart your Mac computer. This will help you to remove the temporary bugs that cause the update error 102 on your computer.
  • In most cases, the error displays the program name due to the problem.
  • Open the program in which the error is displayed and follow the instructions on the screen to solve the issue.
  • Try to update the apps separately if you encounter this error when trying to update all the applications on your computer at once.
  • Uninstall the problematic app and reinstall it on your Mac computer.
  • To do so, open the Applications window. Locate the app you want to reinstall and select it. Now, drag the selected app to the Trash folder. Type your Mac computer’s password if prompted. Ensure to delete the app from the Trash folder too. After that, reinstall the app.
    Error 102 Mac
  • Try the advanced solutions if these simple solutions don’t resolve the Mac update error 102.

How To Fix Error 102 Mac Update- Three Fixes- 2022

Cleaning App Cache

  • Before you clean the app cache, take a backup of any important information.
  • After backing up the data, open Finder on Mac.
  • Select Go > Go to Folder.
  • Type the ‘~/Library/Caches’ address in the given field of the Go to the folder dialog box and click Go.
  • Locate the app’s files in the opened window. Click and drag the files to the Trash folder.
  • If you want to delete your Mac computer’s cache data, locate and open the Cache folder in the opened window, just like the app’s folder.
  • Delete all the data related to the system’s cache in the opened folder.
  • Ensure to empty the Trash folder at the end.
    Fix The Error 102 Mac

Delete The PLIST File Of The Problematic App

    Error 102 On Mac Update
  • You may encounter the Mac update error 102 if the problematic app’s preferences or PLIST file is corrupted.
  • In this case, deleting the app’s PLIST file might help you to clear the error.
  • To do so, open the Preferences window.
  • Select the problematic app’s Preferences file and delete it.

Reinstall Macos

Are the above two solutions unable to clear the Mac update error 102? If yes, don’t worry. Reinstall your Mac computer’s operating system. The reinstall process will help you to refresh the system and resolve these kinds of common errors.

  • First, boot your Mac computer in recovery mode.
  • Next, choose the Reinstall macOS option on the opened screen.
  • Select Continue to begin the reinstallation.
  • After completing the reinstallation successfully, try to update the app on your Mac computer.
  • The Mac update error 102 is resolved if the app updates successfully.
    Fix Error 102 Mac Update

Wrapping Up

We hope that this blog was useful to you and you got the troubleshooting solutions to fix the Mac update error 102. As you can see, resolving the error code 102 is not that hard on your Mac computer. All you need is basic knowledge about your Mac computer, its functions and errors, and a few minutes of your time. Contact us if the above solutions don’t resolve the Mac update error 102 on your computer or if you want real-time assistance in resolving the error.

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