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How to Fix Corrupted Memory Card?

Memory cards are prone to get corrupted. The below-given document gives details on how to fix corrupted memory card. The display of the device to which you have inserted the memory card will show an error message. By following the procedure on the page, you can fix the corrupted memory card.

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How to Fix Corrupted Memory Card

Easy Guidelines For Corrupted Memory Card

The Quick Steps to Fix the Corrupted Memory Card in your Device

  1. Identify the memory card slot in your laptop and insert into it.
  2. Open My Computer or This PC from the Start menu.
  3. View the Devices and Drives section and identify the memory card disk.
  4. Press Win key + X to open Quick access window for Windows.
  5. Choose the Command Prompt (Admin).
  6. Type chkdsk f: (disk name of your memory card) /r and press enter.
  7. The above step will check the disk and report if there are any issues.
  8. Press Enter for auto repair and the right click on the disk and choose Eject.

The Elaborate Steps to Fix Corrupted Memory Card on Windows

  • To fix corrupted memory card on Windows, You can use the following procedure. If you are using a Windows laptop, insert the memory card into the slot. If you are using the desktop computer, use a card reader and plug it into the USB port on the CPU.
  • Make sure you logged in into the system as Administrator, so that you can modify the drives. Press the Windows key using the keyboard. Type “My Computer” if you are using Windows lesser than version 8.
  • If you are using Windows 8 and 10, type My PC or This PC in the search box and then press Enter. The PC window gets displayed with the list of drives. Go to Devices and drives section, and look for the memory card drive in it.
  • Hold on to the Windows key and press X to open the quick access menu for Windows. Even by right-clicking on the Start menu, you can open the quick access menu. The list of options will be displayed. Locate the Command Prompt(admin) from the menu.
  • The computer should be login as Administrator so that the user can choose the above Command Prompt option.
  • Type chkdsk f: /r , The f: represents drive, and if your memory card holds different drive name, you can replace the f: with that of the preferred drive name.
  • There should be a white space between the drive name and /r. The command prompt checks the drive and clears the minor issues. You have to press enter when the display seeks your permission to access the internal folders of the disk.
  • In some cases there may be some disturbance in accessing the drive. In that case, check the status of the antivirus, if it is on, turn it off. Try to check the drive again and reformat it. Once you are done with the process remove the memory card from the computer.
  • To remove so, right-click on the drive and menu will appear. Choose Eject from it, and a balloon pallet will appear “Safe to remove hardware.”, take the card out from the device. I am sure the above-given procedure helps you to fix corrupted memory card on Windows.
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