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How to Fix Canon Printer Paper Jam Error?

The Canon printer paper jam issue can be resolved by following the steps in the document given below. The paper jam error is common among many printer models, but it is not specific to Canon printers. Paper jams that occur in a printer can affect the printing process. The error message appears on the display panel of the printer. The paper jam can occur in different parts of the printer, and you have to check multiple printer areas to fix the issue.

How to Fix Canon Printer Paper Jam Error

Easy Guidelines For Fix Canon Printer Paper Jam

Quick steps to fix the Canon Printer Paper Jam Error

  1. Power off the Canon printer and disconnect the power cord.
  2. Open the printer’s paper output tray and lift the cover.
  3. Verify if jammed papers are present under the cartridge holder.
  4. Hold the paper jams firmly in both hands.
  5. Pull out the papers slowly without tearing it.
  6. Confirm that you have removed all the jammed papers from your printer.
  7. Lower the cover and reconnect the power cord at the printer’s rear.
  8. Check if the Canon paper jam error is fixed.

The Elaborate Solution to Solve the Canon Paper Jam Issue

  • The Canon paper jam issue can be fixed by following the procedure below. To clear paper jams in the paper output slot, gently pull the paper out. Restart the Canon printer.
  • In case you are not able to remove the paper, it might get ejected automatically by the device. Reload the papers into the input tray and then press the Stop or Reset button on the printer.
  • Make sure to place the correct paper size required for your print job. If the paper is jammed inside the printer at the transport unit, switch off the device and unplug the power cable.
  • Place the printer with the right side facing downwards. Push the lever to open the transport unit. Pull the jammed papers out slowly and then close the transport unit.
  • Reconnect the power cable and then switch on the printer. Check if the error has been solved. Power off the device. Disconnect the printer’s power cord from the rear of it and also from the power source.
  • Remove the papers from the front tray if present. Identify that the FINE cartridge holder does not hang over the paper. Move the cartridge holder to the left and right to remove the jammed paper. Hold the jammed papers in your hands and pull it out slowly without tearing. Make sure you have removed all the jammed papers.
  • Lower the paper output cover and then insert sheets of paper into the input tray. The Canon print jobs in the print queue of the printer should be canceled. Carry out the print job again if necessary.
  • If the paper jam issue does not clear even after following the steps mentioned above, then, check if any foreign objects are present around the paper output slot.
  • Look if there are any obstructions present in the front tray region. Make sure you do not insert curled papers . Use the printer specification list and use only the paper types that are mentioned in it.
  • Purchase the paper from the authenticated Canon retailers so that you don’t compromise on the quality.
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