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How to Fix Canon Printer Paper Jam Error?

“Paper jam” is not a new problem. It is faced by almost all printer users out there. This issue occurs due to numerous reasons. Whatever the causes might be, there is a solution for every printer problem that you face. So, you can also resolve this printer problem easily and quickly. Even if this is your first printer troubleshooting experience, take it with a grain of salt. We are here to assist you throughout the troubleshooting process. Are you reading? Let’s see how to fix a Canon printer paper jam together.

how do i unjam my canon printer

How To Fix Jammed Paper In Canon Printer

Do you know there is one straightforward solution to fix the paper jam error on your Canon printer? No? Here it is. The solution is to remove the jammed paper from the printer manually. Usually, when a paper jam occurs, the printer stops printing, and the “Paper Jam” message or the error code related to the jam will display either on your printer or computer screen. By reading the code or message displayed on the screen, you can locate the exact part or area of the printer where the paper jam has occurred.

So, try to understand the code or message displayed on the screen. Are you unable to understand it? No problem? Give us a call for real-time assistance. Or else, check all the parts of the printer manually. During the search, if you find the paper jammed in the output tray, follow the instructions below to learn how to remove it in no time.

  • Before removing the jammed paper from the output tray, turn off the printer if it is on.
  • Gently open the output tray of your printer. If your Canon printer’s output tray has a cover, lift it.
  • Now, locate the jammed paper. Have you found it? Yes? Then, using both hands, remove the jammed paper from the tray.
  • Ensure that you do this as slowly as possible and, most importantly, without tearing the jammed paper further.
  • After removing the jammed items from the printer’s output tray, lower its cover.
  • Now, check to see whether you have removed the jammed paper successfully. You do this by printing a test page.
  • For that, switch on your Canon printer. Load the input tray if necessary and print a page.
  • If the printer performs your print request successfully, you can confirm that the jammed paper has been removed.
  • If the printer fails to print the page and shows up the “Paper Jam” message again, it means the paper is jammed in some other parts of the printer.

Go ahead and read this article to learn how to check for and remove jammed paper from other parts of your Canon printer.

Unjam A Canon Printer – Clear Solutions

Generally, paper can jam in any part of the printer. But, in most cases, it occurs inside the printer, in the output tray, in the multi-purpose tray, in the paper cassette area, in the drum cartridge area, and inside the front cover (the duplex print transport area). Removing the jammed paper from the printer will help you fix the paper jam issue. We saw how to remove the jammed paper from the output tray in the section above. Refer to the same if the paper is jammed in your printer’s output tray. If you find the paper jammed inside the printer, in the multi-purpose tray, etc., follow the instructions below to remove it. All set. Let’s get started.

Inside The Printer

  • If the paper jam occurrs inside the printer, you can only remove it while the printer is on.
  • If your printer is turned off, turn it on. Open the output cover of your printer.
  • Is the ink cartridge holder over the jammed paper? Yes? Then, slowly slide the holder to either side.
  • After doing that, gently remove the jammed paper and ensure that no slip of paper is left inside the printer.
  • Avoid touching the film or rail inside the printer while removing the jammed paper because it might damage the parts.
  • Finally, close the output cover.
Paper Stuck In Canon Printer

Inside The Front Cover, Duplex Print Transport Area

  • You can confirm that the paper is jammed in your printer’s duplex print transport area if you see the paper jam message when performing 2-sided printing.
  • If this is the case, open the front cover and slowly pull out the jammed paper from your printer.

Drum Cartridge Area

  • If you find the paper jammed in the drum cartridge area of the printer, follow the instructions below to remove it.
  • Locate the knob on the cartridge. Have you found it? If yes, then rotate it in the anti-clockwise direction. This will help you to lift the cartridge cover.
  • Did you manage to raise the cover of the cartridge? We believe you have raised it.
  • Now, remove the jammed paper from the cartridge.
  • After that, turn the knob clockwise to lock the cover.

Multi – Purpose And Input Tray

  • Ensure that the multi-purpose tray or input tray is opened.
  • Now, pull out the jammed paper. It is that simple.


  • Pull out the paper cassette(s) and remove it or them from the printer.
  • Have you found the jammed paper? If so, push it down to some extent to remove it.
  • All right there? Did the above information help you fix your Canon printer’s paper jam error? Yes, we believe.

How To Repair Canon Paper Jam If No Paper Is Jammed

The Paper Jam message showed up on your printer or computer screen while performing the print job. But when you checked your printer for jammed paper, there was no paper in it. Right? This is not new. Experts say that this is a “false paper jam.” This happens due to some small problems, such as dust or dirt stuck in the printer’s printhead rail, a particle blocking a paper sensor, a problem in the guides on the paper tray, etc.We understand your concern. So, we are here to assist you in fixing this false paper jam issue on your Canon printer. Perform the troubleshooting solutions in the order below. After performing one solution, check if the paper jam issue is resolved. If not, it’s okay. Try the next solution to fix it.

Reset The Printer

  • Turn on your Canon printer if it is turned off.
  • Now, unplug the printer’s power cord while it is turned on.
  • Leave the printer to cool down for a maximum of 30 minutes. You can organize the printouts, read a book, and play games during this time.
  • After 30 minutes, turn on the printer.
  • The paper jam error must be resolved.

Remove The Particles Blocking The Paper Sensor

  • Examine the inside of the printer.
  • Remove the toner cartridge from inside the printer if it is present.
  • Now, lift the printer and give it a few upside-down shakes. After that, check if the paper jam error is cleared. No? It’s alright. Let’s get started with the next solution.

Loading The Right Media Type

  • Sometimes loading an incompatible media type can also lead to these kinds of problems.
  • Ensure that the paper type you have loaded is the recommended one.
  • Also, ensure that the paper is manageable.

Clean The Roller

  • Is your printer has a paper feed roller? Check them for dust or dirt. If you find any, clean or clear the roller. Some Canon printers support auto cleaning and a few support both manual and automatic cleaning.
  • If your printer supports auto cleaning, you will see the “Roller cleaning” option on its Maintenance screen.
  • Select it to begin the auto-cleaning process.
  • If you’re looking to clean the roller manually, use a clean, lint-free cloth.
  • After doing that, check if the paper jam issue is fixed on your Canon printer.
  • If not, the cause of the problem might be a hardware issue. In that case, repairing your printer is the best option.
How To Fix A Paper Jam In A Printer Canon

End Note

Did the solutions mentioned above resolve your Canon printer’s paper jam issue? Yes, please share it with someone who is experiencing a paper jam on their printer and bookmark it for future reference. Do you have experience troubleshooting printer problems? No? That’s alright. It will be more helpful and easier to resolve the paper jam problem if you get real-time assistance from an expert throughout the troubleshooting process. To get in touch with us, click the toll-free button provided.

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