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How to Fix Canon Printer Not Printing?

Is your Canon printer not printing? If yes, you’re not the first one to face this problem. This printer-related problem is faced by many like you. Read this blog thoroughly to know the possible causes of the problem and the workarounds that help you to fix the Canon printer not printing issue in no time.

The printer may not respond to the print request that is sent from your computer or smartphone due to several reasons, such as:

How to Fix Canon Printer Not Printing
  • Communication error between the printer and your device.
  • The ink tank is empty/the ink cartridge or toner cartridge is not installed properly.
  • The paper or input tray is empty.
  • An error occurred.
  • Unnecessary print jobs left in the queue are blocking the current one.
  • The CD-R tray (if it is available) is not set properly, etc.

The common causes of the Canon printer not printing are listed above. Keeping in mind the causes mentioned above, you can fix the print problem on your printer. Let’s see how in detail.

Easy Guidelines To Fix Canon Printer Not Printing

Here are the Best and Simple Solutions to Fix the ‘Canon Printer Not Printing’ Problem.

  1. Ensure that your Canon printer is turned on and ready for printing. Also, ensure that the printer is connected to your computer.
  2. The best and simple solution to fix this Canon printer issue is resetting. Reset your printer and then try to perform the print operation on it.
  3. To do so, first, switch off the printer completely. Unplug the printer’s power cord from the outlet and inlet.
  4. Also, remove the USB or Ethernet cable from your printer if it is connected.
  5. Count for 15 seconds from the second you unplug the cable from the printer.
  6. After the completion of 15 seconds, reconnect the printer directly to the outlet using its cord.
  7. Reconnect the cable to the Canon printer.
  8. Power on the Canon printer and wait until it becomes silent.
  9. Once the printer is stable, print a test page. Try the advanced methods below if the Canon printer is not printing again.

How to Fix the Canon Printer Not Printing Problem

Perform the following troubleshooting solutions one by one in the order below. After performing each method, check if the print problem is resolved. Try the next solution if the Canon printer is not printing again.

Solution #1: Check The Ink Cartridge Or Level Status

  • If the printer is not printing properly, check the ink cartridges level first. Print a calibration page to check the ink levels.
  • Alternatively, open the Canon printer driver on your Windows computer.
  • Click on ink management. This will show you the ink level of the tanks or cartridges. If there is no ink management option available, click Maintenance > View Printer Status. The dialog box displaying the estimated ink level of the cartridges or tanks will open.
  • If the ink is full and your printer does not print, check the authenticity of the ink cartridge. It is always recommended to purchase and use ink from genuine retailers.
  • If you are not using the original product, then the Canon printer will not print. Replace the existing cartridge with a new genuine one.
  • how to fix canon printer
  • If there is no issue with the cartridge, go to the next solution.

Solution #2: Check The Quality Of The Paper Inserted

  • The paper width guides should be set according to the paper inserted because misconfigured paper settings might also lead to these kinds of print problems.
  • Check if you have installed the compatible media type into the printer. If not, get the recommended paper type and load it into the printer.
  • Ensure that the paper or input tray has enough paper.
  • The printer will work fine if the things mentioned above are noted.

Solution #3: Update The Printer Firmware

  • Check the status of your Canon printer’s firmware.
  • If the existing firmware version is outdated, update it to resolve the ‘Canon printer not printing’ problem.
  • The official website will have the latest Firmware. Download the latest firmware file and install it on your computer.
  • Perform a test print now, the printer issue might have been resolved, and the Canon printer will respond well. If not, try the solution below.

Solution #4: Re-install The Printer Driver

  • Uninstall all the printer drivers and other software related to your Canon printer on the computer. The cache files should be removed so that there won’t be any problem while re-installing the driver.
  • Disconnect the printer from your computer. Remove the Canon printer from your Windows or Mac computer’s Printers list. Restart your computer.
  • Now, download the most compatible and latest printer driver software for Windows or Mac from the Canon printer’s support page and use it to install the machine on your computer.

Wrapping Up

We hope the solutions above have helped you fix the ‘Canon printer not printing’ issue. If not, check the printer status on your computer. If it says offline, check and disable Use Printer Offline. Also, check whether your Canon printer (on which you’re encountering the print problem) is set as the default machine. If not, set it as the default machine and then try to print.

Contact us if the above solutions failed to resolve the print problem or if you want real-time assistance in resolving the same.