How To Factory Reset PS4?

PlayStation 4 (PS4) is a gaming console designed for multiple players. Resetting the PS4 console is done when it is malfunctioning or when the user is trying to sell it to a different user. Doing so will erase the data stored on the PS4 console and restrict access to misusing your data (if any) if you are selling it off. It is recommended to back up your data before resetting your PS4 console to factory defaults. Also, deactivate the console as your primary unit.

How To Factory Reset PS4

For detailed instructions to factory reset your PS4, follow the quick steps mentioned below.

  • First, connect your PS4 console to an electrical outlet and power it on.
  • Next, connect the PS4 controller using a standard USB cable.
  • You can also connect the PS4 controller wirelessly using Bluetooth.
  • Once connected, open the PS4 main dashboard.
  • Open the Settings menu by selecting the Settings icon on the main screen.
  • Select the PlayStation Network/Account Management tab in the Settings menu.
  • Next, choose the Activate as your primary PS4 tab and select Deactivate by pressing the X (Enter) button on your PS4 controller. This will deactivate the console as your primary unit.
  • Return to the Settings menu and select the Initialization tab.
  • You may have to sign in to your account after deactivating the console as your primary unit.
  • On the Initialization screen, select the Initialization option.
  • Finally, choose the Restore Default Settings option. This will clear all the data on your PS4 console.
  • Do not turn off your console while resetting it to the factory defaults. 
  • Once you restore the settings to the factory defaults, you cannot undo it.
  • Also, remember that you cannot restore the system software to a previous version using this function. However, you can reinstall the PS4 system software manually using Safe Mode.

If you face any problems while resetting your PS4 to factory defaults, contact our technical support team, and they can give you a quick fix.

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