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How To Factory Reset iPhone 6?

In case your iPhone 6 has slowed down or you have encountered some error or bug, you can factory reset the phone. You can also make use of the factory reset option if you are going to sell your iPhone to someone or just want to get rid of it. When you perform a factory reset iPhone 6, it will become as good as new. It will be restored to the original (default) settings that it had when you took it out of its box.

Factory Reset iPhone 6

There are different methods to factory reset your iPhone 6. You can do it while it is locked or unlocked. Now, let us see two methods using which you can factory reset your iPhone when it is not locked. NOTE: You can utilize these methods for iPhone 6, 6S, and 6 Plus.

Method 1-Factory resetting iPhone 6 using iTunes:

  • First, download and install iTunes on your computer. If you have already installed it, go ahead and open it on your computer. Confirm that you are running the most recent version.
  • Next, you have to connect your iPhone to the computer using a lightning USB cable.
  • Now, ensure that your computer is able to recognize the iPhone.
  • In the iTunes app, click the iPhone tab.
  • In the main window of the iTunes app, click on the Restore button.
  • iTunes will now display the various factory reset options on your screen.
  • Now, choose any of the options according to your preferences and then confirm the process.
  • Now you successfully factory reset iPhone 6.

Method 2- Factory resetting iPhone 6 from Settings:

Although this method is quite simple and straightforward, it is risky. For instance, if the phone’s battery dies in the middle of the process, you will have only a faulty phone. Therefore, make use of this method only if you have no other choice.

Create a backup of all the data on your iPhone, because all the pictures and other critical information will be erased from it during the factory reset. Now, carry out the steps given below to reset your iPhone 6 to factory default settings.

  • First, navigate to your iPhone Setting. Then, go to General and select the Reset option.
  • Choose the Erase Content and Settings option.
  • Now, confirm the process. It will take some minutes to complete.
  • Your iPhone will now restart many times and finally, you will find yourself on the setup screen. You can now start everything from scratch. If you need remote assistance to factory reset iPhone 6, contact our technical experts.
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