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How To Factory Reset Android Phone When Locked?

If you forget your password or your pattern of logging into your Android phone, the situation will be very irritating and frustrating. You will be locked out, rendering the phone useless. You can access all the data on your phone only if you enter the password that you have created. You can factory reset android phone when locked, using the steps below.

One way to start using your Android phone again would be to factory reset it. The process of factory resetting will differ from one brand to another. The methods given below for various brands will also work if you wish to Reset your phone because of the overloading of apps. Now, make use of the steps given here to hard reset your Android phone, based on the brands:

Important Note: Manual factory resetting of your Android phone will delete all the data from it.

Resetting A Locked Samsung Phone

  • First, press and hold your Samsung phone’s power button, the home key, and the volume up keys all at the same time.
  • You will now see the Samsung logo appearing on your screen.
  • Next, hold the volume down key to scroll down to the option that says, wipe data/factory reset.
  • Choose the Yes option. Press the volume down key to delete all the data on your phone.
  • Your Samsung phone will now reboot, and it will be reset. Now you are successfully factory reset android phone when locked.
Factory Reset Android Phone When Locked

Resetting A Locked HTC Phone

  • Try some random patterns or PINs for 5 times.
  • When you attempt to log in using a wrong pattern or PIN after 5 times, you will find the FORGOT PATTERN or FORGOT PASSWORD message on your phone’s screen.
  • Now, tap on that message, and you will be taken to a Google account login screen. Here, you can enter your Google account credentials.
  • Then, continue with the rest of the instructions on the phone to set a new password.

Resetting A locked LG Phone

  • First, turn off the phone. Then, press and hold the phone’s power key and the volume down key simultaneously.
  • When you see the LG logo on your screen, release the power key.
  • Now, press and hold only the power key.
  • You will now see the screen with the wipe data/factory reset option. Release the power key.
  • Again, press the power key to continue with the reset process. (You can press the volume keys if you want to cancel).
  • Finally, to confirm the reset, press any one of the volume keys or the power key again. We have now seen the methods to factory reset android phone when locked, according to their brands.
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