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How to Enable Hotspot on iPhone

The Personal Hotspot feature allows users to share their network data connection of iPad or iPhone device when he/she does not have access to the Wireless Fidelity network. The steps for How to Enable Hotspot on iPhone or iPad are given on this web page.

How to Enable Hotspot on iPhone

Easy Guidelines For How to Enable Hotspot on iPhone

Instructions for Setting Personal Hotspot on iPhone or iPad

  1. Enable the Personal Hotspot option on the Apple device.
  2. Locate and touch the Settings option on your mobile device.
  3. Touch the Personal Hotspot button.
  4. Push the slider to the Green or On option.
  5. Utilize the Wi-Fi status window in the menu bar of your Mac to select the name of your iPhone or iPad that is providing the hotspot.
  6. Navigate to Settings on your mobile device and touch the Wi-Fi icon.
  7. Select the name of your Personal Hotspot.
  8. Check if the third party devices can connect to the Wireless Fidelity network.

Procedure to Setup Personal Hotspot on your iPad or iPhone

To set up Personal Hotspot on iPhone or iPad, switch to the Settings window on the device and then tap on the Cellular or Settings option. Choose Personal Hotspot and then move the slider to enable it. You can link the Personal Hotspot using the USB, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth connection.

Once you connect a device with the Personal Hotspot, the Wi-Fi status changes to blue and it shows how many devices are connected to the network. The number of devices to be linked to the Personal Hotspot varies based on the model of your phone and the carrier. If other devices are using your Personal Hotspot, cellular data can only be used to connect to the Internet.

Wi-Fi connection: On the device that you wish to link to, switch to the Settings tab and select the Cellular option. Touch either the Settings or Personal Hotspot button. Tap Personal Hotspot and make sure that the feature is enabled. Check the password of your Wi-Fi network and the name of your iPhone or iPad.

Wait on this screen until the second devices get associated with the network. Go to Settings again, tap Wi-Fi, and then look for the name of your Apple device. Choose your Wi-Fi network’s name and type the password of your Personal Hotspot.

Bluetooth connectivity: To confirm whether your iPad or iPhone device is discoverable, navigate to the Settings section and select the Bluetooth button. Wait for some time without exiting the screen. Now, do according to the prompts that are displayed on the computer screen to set up the Bluetooth network connection. Personal Hotspot supports Bluetooth connection with PC, Mac, and other devices. If you wish to link another iOS device, utilize Wi-Fi.

USB connection: Make sure that you are having the newest version of the iTunes app on your personal computer or Mac. Connect the iPhone or iPad to your system using a USB cord that was provided with your device. Tap the Trust button when you see the Trust this Computer? message.

If you want to disconnect a device, turn Off the Personal Hotspot feature. Disable the Bluetooth connection, else detach the USB cable from the rear side of your device. For more queries on How to Enable Hotspot on iPhone contact with Our tech team.

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