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How to Download Apps on Apple TV?

Go through the document and learn how to download apps on Apple TV. If you are an iPhone user then downloading apps on Apple TV should be a familiar one. Once the apps are installed, you can stream live videos and movies from the Internet.

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How to Download Apps on Apple TV

Easy Guidelines For Download Apps on Apple TV

The Quick Steps to Download Apps on Apple TV

  1. Download the apps from the Featured section.
  2. From the Home screen, launch the App Store
  3. Navigate the screen and look for the app you want to download.
  4. Identify the app and click on the app icon.
  5. Choose Get for free to download it for free.
  6. You can also purchase the app for a price and utilize the maximum of the app.
  7. Click on the Buy button to confirm the purchase of the app.
  8. Wait until the app is downloaded and successfully installed.

The Complete Procedure to Download Apps on Apple TV

  • To download the apps on Apple TV, the easiest way is downloading from the Featured Tab. Navigate the App Store to identify the app you want to download. Identify the app and click on its icon. You can either get the app for free, but you cannot use all the features of the app. Click on the Get button.
  • If you want to purchase the app, you have to click on the Buy button. The on-screen instruction will guide you throughout the payment process. Before deciding which app to download, you can learn about the app. To do so, identify the description text. Double-click on the description too read more.
  • The App Store allows you to magnify the images to have a clear look at them. Give a mouse click on the menu button to go back to the app page. Once you have downloaded the app, you need to launch it from your Home screen. Click on the app icon and then the app will be launched. If you have already purchased the app in iPhone or iPad, you can download install it on Apple TV.
  • Launch the App store after getting back to Home screen.
  • Navigate the screen to Purchased tab. Scroll over the screen and identify the app you want to download. Select the app and click on Download from iCloud option to restore the purchase.
  • You can read the description and view the screenshots to confirm the purchase. There are no categories in the Apple TV app store so if you want to search the app that is not in the Feature section, continue the document.
  • Launch the App store from the Apple TV’s Home screen. Swipe to reach the Search Tab. To get the virtual keyboard, swipe the screen down. Enter the name of the app you want to search. Click on the app icon and follow the usual method of downloading the app. In Apple TV store you can also download apps using the promo codes.
  • Once you purchase the app, the app can be reinstalled in any of your Apple devices. The above procedure will let you download apps on Apple TV successfully.
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