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How To Disable Safari Suggestions

The Safari browser on your Mac computer has one fantastic feature called the Safari Suggestions. The Safari Suggestions will know what you are typing in the address bar and will be ready to list out website suggestions based on the letters you have entered. For example, if you have typed Face, then the Safari browser will suggest the Facebook URL. It makes even the simplest things simple. If you type the name of a famous personality, you will see the Wikipedia page of the search open below the address bar. Most of the Safari browser users have found a liking to the Safari Suggestions since it acts as a shortcut for searching and finding specific information. On the contrary, a handful of users dislike the Safari Suggestions and are willing to disable the feature for good. You are in the right place to find the right solution if you are one of those users who dislike the Safari Suggestions. We will be providing you the how to disable Safari suggestions steps to disable the Safari Suggestions option in your browser.

  • When the home screen appears on your Mac computer, click the Safari browser from the Dock section. Update your Safari browser to latest version.
  • This will open the Safari browser.
  • On following how to disable Safari suggestions steps, Click the Preferences option from the top left corner of the browser window and click the search tab.
  • You will see two sections, namely the search engine and the Smart Search Field.
  • Navigate to the Smart Search Field section.
  • Click the checkbox to disable the option ‘Include Safari Suggestions.’
  • Close the Safari Preferences window by clicking the red button on the top right corner.

If you follow the how to disable Safari suggestions instructions as described, you will be free from the Safari Suggestions option in your Safari browser.

how to disable safari suggestions
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