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How to Copy and Paste on Google Chromebook?

Copy and Paste is a computer-based action which creates a duplicate copy in the preferred location. Many applications support copy and paste option and there are several ways, using which you can complete the action. Read the document given below to get the detailed procedure on how to copy and paste on Google Chromebook.

How to copy and paste on Google Chromebook

Easy Guidelines For Copy and Paste on Google Chromebook

How to Copy and Paste in a Text Document on Google Chromebook

  1. Open an existing word document or create a new word file.
  2. Use the mouse and place the cursor next to the text.
  3. Left-click and drag the mouse until the text to be copied is highlighted.
  4. Click the Copy icon located on the upper left of the formatting ribbon.
  5. Navigate to the position where you want to paste the copied document.
  6. Click on the Paste icon on the upper left corner.
  7. Use the keyboard shortcuts to perform the same functions.
  8. Press Ctrl+C for copying and Ctrl+V for pasting the text.
  9. Use Shift and Ctrl keys along with the arrow keys to highlight the text.

The Elaborate and Detailed Procedure to Copy and Paste from a Text Document

  • A Chromebook is a product from Google and it is basically a laptop or tablet running in a Linux-based Chrome OS. When you work on a new operating system eventually, you will get a lot of doubts. One query that peeps in your mind is how to copy and paste on Chromebook.
  • Luckily the procedure for copying and pasting are similar to that of other operating systems. There are few methods available to copy and paste on Chromebook. To quickly copy a block of text on your Chromebook, you need to highlight the text first. Use the touchpad of the Chromebook, press and hold your fingers to create a selection box.
  • All the texts that are highlighted will be copied. The traditional way to copy is to use the keyboard shortcuts. Use Ctrl + C keys at the same time and this will copy the text automatically. The copied text will be stored on the clipboard until you paste it somewhere.
  • So place your cursor on the position where you want to duplicate the text copied and then use the keyboard shortcut keys, Ctrl + V to paste the text. You can paste the copied text multiple times until the text on the clipboard is overwritten with another copy.
  • To copy an image, press the left main mouse button on the touchpad, or you can use both the fingers and tap on the mousepad. A menu will appear, choose Copy Image or Copy Image Address. Go to the preferred location and again right-click. The menu has a paste option, click and paste.
  • For copying a whole page, use the ctrl+A key combination and that selects the entire page. The word document has icons for all editing options, and you can use them. Click Edit and the menu contains Cut, Copy, Paste option. Highlight the text or sequences of text, go to edit menu and click cut. Again go to the destination location and click edit and then paste. I am sure the above document would be informative to copy and on a Chromebook
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