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How to Connect with Bluetooth on Mac

To connect your Mac computer to a Bluetooth device, follow the easy guidelines given below.

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How to Connect with Bluetooth on Mac

  • Turn on your Mac computer.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on the other connecting device. Also, make the device discoverable to other Bluetooth devices.
  • Now, click the Apple icon on your Mac computer.
  • Select the System Preferences option.
  • From the list of options, locate and click the Bluetooth icon.
  • Now, in the Bluetooth window, check whether the status is On. Else, click the On option.
  • The Bluetooth window will list the Bluetooth devices available for connection. From the list, select your Bluetooth device.
  • Click on the Pair or Connect button to make the connection.
  • If prompted, enter any key displayed on your monitor and then type the numbers to pair with the Bluetooth device.
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