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How To Connect USB Mouse To Mac? – Guidelines

Is the Magic Mouse that came with your iMac or MacBook no longer functioning, and you are looking for an alternative mouse? If yes, get the USB mouse and connect it to your Mac computer. Almost all USB mice designed for PC or laptop work with macOS and offer a plug-and-play function. That means the mouse will start functioning once you connect it to your personal computer or laptop. Using the USB mouse on your Mac computer will require no additional installation or setup. You might require to perform the sync process if you want to connect and use a Bluetooth mouse on your Mac computer. But it is also pretty easy to perform. Here, in this article, you will see step-by-step instructions on how to connect a USB Mouse to Mac in no time.

How To Connect USB Mouse To Mac

Connecting A Usb Mouse To Mac- Step-by-step Guide With Pictures

Learn how to connect the USB mouse to your Mac computer from the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1- Connecting Mouse to Mac- Physical Setup

  • First, switch on your Mac computer (to which you want to connect the USB mouse) if it is turned off.
  • Next, get the USB mouse for your Mac computer.
  • Now, connect the USB mouse directly to your computer.
  • The Mac computer will automatically detect the connected mouse within a few seconds or a minute.
  • Once the connected mouse is detected, you can configure its settings for Mac.

Step 2- Configuring the USB Mouse for Mac

  • Click on the Apple menu.
  • The list of menus will show up. Choose System Preferences from the list.
  • Now, your Mac computer’s System Preferences window will open.
  • Here, you have to choose the Mouse option to begin the configuration.
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  • Now, the Mouse dialog box, as shown below, will open on the screen.
  • You can find the Scroll direction option at the top of the box.
  • Select the Scroll direction option if you want to move the device down to send the arrow upward. Keep this option deselected if you want to move the USB mouse’s cursor in the same direction when you move the cursor downwards.
  • You can adjust the tracking speed as per your preferences. If you want to move the USB mouse’s cursor faster, move the slider to the fast side. Similarly, move the slider to the slow side or in the middle if you want the cursor to move slower or at a medium speed.
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  • You can also configure the Primary mouse button settings in the same Mouse dialog box.
  • Alternatively, you can adjust the necessary mouse settings in the Accessibility window of your Mac computer.
  • To do this, click the Apple menu. Choose System Preferences from the drop-down menu again.
  • In the System Preferences window, click the Accessibility icon to tweak your USB mouse settings.
  • Choose the Mouse & Trackpad tab on the opened screen.
  • Now, you can adjust the spring-loading delay, double-click speed, and other options.
  • You can also configure the same settings for the wireless mouse that uses a USB receiver or Bluetooth accessibility to connect to the Mac computer.

End Note

We hope that you find this article useful for connecting the USB Mouse to Mac! You can also connect and use the Wireless or Bluetooth Mouse to/on Mac.Contact us if you want real-time assistance in connecting the USB, wireless, or Bluetooth mouse to Mac or if you have any doubts related to any information provided on this page. If you face issues in connecting your Bluetooth mouse to MAC, click here to fix them.

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