• How to Connect to a Remote / Local Server on a Mac

How to Connect to a Remote or Local Server on a Mac?

Most of the Mac device users connect a remote or local server on MAC device to copy files from and move it into another desktop or laptop system. If you have no idea about how to connect your Mac device to the local server or remote, then the above set of instructions will assist you in performing it.Before you begin the process, make sure to connect your Mac system and the local server to the same network connection.

Connect To A Remote Or Local Server On A Mac

Using AppleScript:

  • Locate and click the Finder icon on your Mac system.
  • Now, the Finder window will open.
  • Click the Applications option available in the left pane of the screen and connect to a remote or local server on a Mac.
  • Now, the list of programs that are installed on your Mac system will be displayed in the middle of the screen.
  • Locate and click the Utilities option followed by Script Editor.
  • Now, launch the Terminal window on your system.
  • Type the tell app Finder command in the Terminal window.
  • Make sure not to press the Enter button now.
  • Enter the following command in the Terminal window and press the Enter button.protocol://username:password@ipaddress/folder.
  • Wait for the process to complete.
  • Once it is done, the server will be connected to your Mac system.

Using the Finder application

  • Launch the Finder application on your Mac system.
  • Click Go Connect to Server.
  • Now, the Connect to Server dialog box will pop-up on the screen.
  • Enter the server address in the given field.
  • Otherwise, click the Browse button and select the server from the list.
  • If prompted, enter your Mac system’s security key in the given field and click the Connect button.
  • Once the server is connected to your Mac system successfully, you can begin the file transfer process.

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