HP Printer to LAN Network Setup

How to Connect the HP Printer to LAN Network?

Using the Ethernet cable, connect your HP network printer to the Local Area Network (LAN). On your Windows PC, install the printer driver software and connect it to the network. You are required to obtain an Ethernet cable of high-quality so that you receive an internet connection without interruption. Make sure Ethernet port is available for one more connection. Read further for more information from How to Connect the HP Printer to LAN Network Setup.

How to Connect the HP Printer to LAN Network

Simple Steps On Connect the HP Printer to LAN Network

  1. Prepare for network connection: You should have a network router that has Ethernet ports available.
  2. Establish a connection between the router and the computer.
  3. Replace the standard telephone cable with the Ethernet cable.
  4. Connecting to the Network: With printer in active state, connect the Ethernet cable on an available port of the router.

How to Download HP Printer Software

Method 1: Use the HP Easy Start app and install the printer driver on your system. When the screen prompts, select the connection type as Wired network.

Method 2: Go to the official site, pick your HP printer from the product identification page, choose your printer model and click Submit.

Install software: Under the Driver heading, click Download next to the full-driver software package. The installer window asks you to pick the desired connection type. Select Wired Network and complete the setup for How to Connect the HP Printer to LAN Network.