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How to Connect Printer to Wireless Router Network?

To connect your printer to a wireless router network, turn on a router device and link it to a broadband internet connection. Link your printer device to a power source and then How to Connect Printer to Wireless Router Network.

How to Connect Printer to Wireless Router Network

Easy Guidelines For Connect Printer to Network Windows 7 System

Procedure to Connect Printer to a Wireless Router Network

  • Turn on the router device and then link it with broadband internet connection or WLAN. Check and confirm your router network has high-speed internet connectivity.
  • Only with a high-speed internet connection, you can get uninterrupted printer service. Set up a unique Network SSID and security password for your router network to avoid multiple connections.
  • Ensure your printer is on ready state and tap the Wireless icon or button on the printer front panel. Locate the Setup or Settings option on your printer operator panel. Find the Network Setup menu or Wireless settings menu based on what appears on your printer panel. Select WLAN setup or Wireless Setup Wizard option to start searching for the router’s network.
  • When the list of network displays, choose your router network SSID and then type the password. Tap OK to connect to the network. If an LED light present near the wireless icon on your printer, it starts flashing when connected to the network.
  • If your printer does not have a LED or LCD touchscreen, print a test page from your printer that contains the IP address of your printer. Connect your computer to the router’s network. Add your printer through TCP/IP address or hostname. When the printer connected to your computer, you can directly print from your computer to the printer.
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