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How to Connect Printer to Network Windows 7?

Setting up a printer using Windows 7 is quite simple and the same procedure is followed for setting up the network printer too. But it just needs a bit more work to set up a shared network printer. You have to connect the printer to the network and then connect Windows 7 to the printer. Follow 2 Steps For How to Connect Printer to Network Windows 7 System.

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How to Connect Printer to Network Windows 7

Easy Guidelines For Connect Printer to Network Windows 7 System

Step 1: Connect your Printer to a Network

Methods to connect the network printer:

  1. Direct Connection: using the printer’s control panel set up the printer to a network without seeking help from computers.
  2. Shared Connection with Homegroup: You have to first connect the printer to a computer that is already on a home network and share it with the Homegroup.
  3. Shared Connection without homegroup: If the network has shared computers running on different platforms this method would be ideal.

Step 2: Connect Network Computers to the Printer

  • Navigate to the control panel and go to Hardware & Sound. Look for the “Add Printer” icon and double click on it. Choose “Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer”. Pick your printer name from the list and click Next.
  • Install Drivers: Once you hooked up the printer to the computer, the display may prompt you for installing drivers. Use the instruction on the screen and complete the How to Connect Printer to Network Windows 7 process.

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