• Connecting JBL Bluetooth Headphones To Mac

How To Connect JBL Bluetooth Headphones To Mac?

Have you got new JBL headphones? Enjoy listening to high-quality sound from the music library on your Mac. We will guide you on how to connect JBL Bluetooth headphones to Mac. Connecting a Bluetooth headphone is as easy as connecting a wireless device to your Mac. Make use of the information given below to pair your JBL headphones with your Mac to enjoy uninterrupted music from the Mac Music Library.

How To Connect JBL Bluetooth Headphones To Mac

Put Your JBL Headphones Into The Pairing Mode

  • Ensure that your JBL headphones are turned on.
  • Verify if the device is fully charged.
  • Next, press the middle button on the right side of your headphones and hold it for at least five seconds.
  • Wait until you hear a sound on your JBL headphones.
  • It should be in pairing mode now.
    The Right Side Of Your Headphones

Pairing JBL Headphones With Mac

  • On your Mac, open the Apple menu and click the System Preferences option from the drop-down list.
  • Next, click the Bluetooth icon in the System Preferences window.
  • Check if your JBL headphone is available in the Bluetooth devices list.
  • Select your Bluetooth headphone name and click the Pair button.
  • Wait for your Mac to pair with your JBL headphones.
  • Your headphones will start blinking blue. This indicates that the device is paring with your Mac.
    Open System Preferences

Configuring The Bluetooth Settings

In the above section, you have seen how to connect your JBL Bluetooth headphones to a Mac computer. Here, let’s see how to configure the Bluetooth settings.

  • Open System Preferences from the Apple menu.
  • Click on Bluetooth. If prompted, enter your Mac administrator password in the required field.
  • Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on. Also, verify if your JBL Bluetooth headphones are paired with your Mac.
  • Remember to select the Show Bluetooth in menu bar checkbox. This will add a Bluetooth icon to the menu bar. You can access your Bluetooth device with just a click.
  • Save the settings and open Music Library.
  • Play songs and check if the connection is established correctly.
    Show Bluetooth In Menu Bar Checkbox

The JBL headphones are excellent Bluetooth devices for listening to high-quality music. Hope we have assisted you in fix how to connect jbl bluetooth headphones to mac. If you have any difficulties pairing the Bluetooth device, contact our technical experts by clicking the call option on this page. We ensure a quick response.

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