• How To Connect Ipad To Mac’s Screen

How To Connect Ipad To Mac Screen?

Follow the guidelines to get connect iPad to Mac screen and resolve the SSL Connection error while using the Google Chrome web browser on your Mac computer.

Steps To Connect Ipad To Mac Screen

If you want a secondary display, for your iPad, then you can connect it to your Mac device and extend your workspace. Carry out the steps given below to connect your iPad to your Mac screen.

  • Make sure you have the macOS Catalina on the Mac device and iPadOS on your iPad it will help to connect iPad to Mac screen.
  • Log in to the same iCloud account on both the iPad and Mac device.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from both the devices.
  • You can now connect your iPad to your Mac device using a compatible USB cable for automatic direct connection. You can also connect the devices using the charging cable of your iPad.
  • If you are within 10m of your Mac device, you can use the Bluetooth connectivity to connect your iPad and Mac device.
  • You can use the Sidecar feature in the macOS Catalina to connect the devices. Go to the System Preferences window from the Apple menu to access Sidecar.
  • Click the Airplay icon on the top menu bar to Connect iPad to Mac screen.
  • Select your iPad from the displayed list.
  • Now, you can use the iPad as a secondary display to your Mac device.
  • To mirror the iPad display, select the Mirror Built-in Retina Display option from the Airplay menu.
  • When the sidecar is active, you can use the trackpad on the Mac device to drag the contents to your iPad.
  • Use the Apple Pencil feature on your iPad to edit and change the contents.
Connect iPad to Mac screen

  • Click on the options on the left panel on your iPad to open the Dock, keyboard, and other applications.
  • You can use the Touch Bar controls at the bottom of the iPad screen for more functions.
  • To disconnect the Mac device from your iPad, tap on the Disconnect button at the bottom-left corner of the screen on your iPad. The sidecar will be disconnected, and you will lose access to your Mac device.
  • To Disconnect your iPad from the Mac device, go to the Airplay icon and select the Disconnect option from the list after the to connect iPad to Mac screen.
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