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How to Connect HP Wireless Printer to Laptop Without CD?

The simple ways how to connect HP wireless printer to laptop without CD are by either using the USB cable or downloading the software.

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How to Connect HP Wireless Printer to Laptop Without CD

Easy Guidelines For Connect HP Wireless Printer to Laptop Without CD

Quick Steps to Connect the HP Wireless Printer to a Laptop Without CD

  1. Unbox the printer and set it as default by filling ink cartridges and paper in the input tray.
  2. Connect the HP printer to your laptop using the USB cable and then turn on the device.
  3. For wireless printing, check whether your router is turned on and then click the Wireless configuration option on your printer’s control panel.
  4. Select the Connect option.
  5. You can also print wirelessly by downloading software.
  6. Search for printer software by referring to the printer manual on your laptop.
  7. Select an appropriate software or driver for your printer, click on it to download it.
  8. Now click the Connect option.

The Elaborate Steps to Connect HP Printer to the Laptop Without CD

  • The first method is by using the USB cable. Plug the USB cable to your laptop and printer. If you don’t have one, you may have to purchase one for your printer. Refer to the manual to look for the printer’s model number. Check if the USB cable is present in the box. If not, use the CD to download and install the driver.
  • For the printers a USB cable, follow the preceding steps. Plug the cable between your printer and laptop. Power on the printer. Wait for the setup to begin. Open the Start Window option. Tap the Windows logo at the bottom left corner of your screen. Now type printers and scanners in that start menu. By doing so, it will search the Printers and Scanners section on your laptop.
  • Select the Printers and Scanners option at the top of the Start window. Click the Add Printer or Scanner option. Select your Printer’s name from the Add a printer or Scanner option window. It will bring the printer’s installation window. Follow the procedure on the screen to begin the installation. After the installation process is complete, the printer starts working.
  • You can also install the Driver or Software properly. First, refer to your manual, it will suggest an exact software or driver for your printer. Now go to the HP printer manufacturer’s website. Click on the Printers tab option. Now search for your printer model, scroll down to find it or else type the model name in the search bar if applicable. Look for a Software download link as you may have to type the printer model on the search bar again to find the software.
  • Click on the download link of your printer’s software. It will start downloading the software for your laptop. Wait for a few minutes. Now double-click the Downloads folder and select the setup file. Select OK when prompted, find a location, and extract that downloaded file. Double click the software set up file, unzip the folder, and select the EXE file. Follow the steps on-screen to complete the Setup.
  • For any further information or support on How to Connect HP Wireless Printer to Laptop Without CD, reach our veterans on the tech team.
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