Connect Dell v525w Printer to Wifi

How to Connect Dell v525w Printer to Wifi

The below-given content illustrates Dell V525W wireless printer setup. You can use the utility tools for your Dell printer to connect with HP printers. As the printer is the network printer, you have to connect it to your wireless router. Read the procedure below and complete the setup with How to Connect Dell v525w Printer to Wifi.

How to Connect Dell v525w Printer to Wifi

Quick Steps to Set Up the Dell V525W Wireless Printer

  1. Ensure that the Dell printer and Windows 10 computer are connected via a USB cable.
  2. In the computer’s search box, type Wireless Setup Utility.
  3. Wait until the printer searches for the nearby networks.
  4. Choose your network’s name and enter the security key.
  5. Click Continue on the Allow Dell Software window and proceed.
  6. Remove the USB cable when the screen prompts.
  7. Use the WPS method if the above method fails.
  8. Start working with your printer once the setup is complete.

A Detailed Setup Procedure for Dell V525W Wireless Printer

  1. The Dell V525W is an inkjet wireless printer and you can establish the network connection to it. You can use the Wireless Setup Utility, a support application to set up your Dell printer to the wireless network.
  2. The application cannot be used in all the operating system, but Windows supports it. Your Dell printer and the Windows system should be connected to the same wireless network and linked through a USB cable.
  3. Go to the Windows search box, type Wireless Setup Utility, and press Enter. The printer will now start looking for the networks near the range. Click on your network’s name if you can locate it on the list displayed.
  4. Enter the network key to connect to the network. A window “Allow Dell Software” appears, click OK on it. If the screen prompts to remove the cable, do the same. So your device is connected to the network now.
  5. In case your printer is not listed, click on Unlisted network. You can manually enter the network and click Continue. You can now select the network Security type and then enter the network security key.
  6. Now, you can see the “Allow Dell Software” window. As mentioned above, you need to disconnect the USB cable when the screen prompts you. If the method mentioned above fails, go for the WPS method.
  7. On the control panel of the Dell computer, choose Setup — > Network Setup. Pick the WPS PushButton method or PIN method. If you choose the PIN method, enter the WPS PIN by referring to the security page of the router.
  8. Check if the Wi-Fi indicator is solid. I am sure the above methods will be helpful How to Connect Dell v525w Printer to Wifi.