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How to Connect Dell Printer to a Wireless Network?

To connect your Dell printer to a wireless network, follow the steps below. Once your Dell printer is connected to the network, you can send the print jobs and get it done. Before you continue, verify that your Dell printing device supports the Wi-Fi feature.

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How to connect Dell printer to a wireless network

Easy Guidelines For Connect Dell Printer to a Wireless Network

Connect your Dell Printer to Wireless Network – The Quick Steps

  1. Go to the control panel settings of the Dell printer.
  2. Press Home Setup.
  3. Hit OK and highlight Network Setup using the navigation pad.
  4. Press OK and choose the wireless mode as Wireless 802.11b/g/n.
  5. Select Network Connection Setup and the configuration wizard launches.
  6. Choose Wireless as the connection mode and then press OK.
  7. Prefer Wi-Fi Protected Setup WPS PBC Mode and confirm the connection.
  8. Make use of the directions on display and establish a wireless connection.

Detailed Description and Procedure of Connecting the Dell Printer to a Wireless Network

  • The content below will be informative to connect the Dell printer to a wireless network. Before you begin the setup, use the manual or the specification document and check if your printer supports the wireless feature.
  • After establishing a wireless connection, you can perform the print job from anywhere. You can either connect via the control panel of the printer or establish a wireless connection while installing the printer driver.
  • To connect while installing the driver, proceed with the instructions given. The Dell printer package comes with an installation CD. Mount the CD into the optical drive of your computer. You can just proceed with the automated installation process and complete the setup.
  • The computer to which you are installing should be connected to the wireless network because the same connection will be used to establish a wireless connection on your Dell printer. You can connect the Dell printing device with the computer via a USB cable.
  • Press Start Programs. Choose Dell Printers and then go to Dell Printer Home. Find the Settings tab and then pick Wireless Setup Utility. When you see the list of wireless networks, choose your wireless network name, and then click Continue to proceed with the process. When you see the prompt, kindly disconnect the USB from the devices.
  • Now, the wireless connection is established. You can also establish a connection via the control panel of your Dell printer. Press Home and then open Setup. Highlight the Network Setup using the navigation pad. Choose Wireless connection OK.
  • You can prefer Wi-Fi Protected Setup and then confirm the connection. To connect with the WPS method, you have to make sure that your devices support this method. You have to hold the WPS button on your Dell printer and then on the router.
  • The display intimates you about the connection status. You need to wait for at least 120 seconds to establish a connection. To confirm that connection is made successfully, you can print a Setting Report. I am sure the above explanation will help you to connect the Dell printer to the Wireless network.
  • Connecting the Dell Printer to a Wireless Network
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