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How to Connect Canon Printer?

There are many solutions for the query “how to connect Canon printer?.” Canon printer can be connected with any of your devices. The devices include desktop, laptop, mobile, and tablets — all you need is to install the compatible software on your device. Once the hardware and software setup is done, your devices will get connected and ready to print.

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how to connect canon printer

Easy Guidelines For Connect Canon Printer

Quick Steps to Connect Canon Printer to PC

  1. Unpack the Canon printer from the packaging box and place it on the table.
  2. Check if the printer’s package includes all the components.
  3. Establish an Internet connection to your Canon printer.
  4. Refer to the user manual for the procedure and use the same to connect to the PC.
  5. Connect the power cord’s one end to the wall socket and the other end to the printer’s rear.
  6. Check if the ink cartridges are previously installed, if not, insert the same.
  7. Read the specification list and load the paper that is compatible with your printer.
  8. Power up the Canon printer and prepare it for installation.

The Elaborate Procedure for Connecting Canon Printer to PC

  • The Canon driver software is available in the software CD provided in the printer box and also on the manufacturer’s site.
  • To install from the installation CD, check if your computer has a disc drive in it.
  • The latest version of Mac device does not have a disc drive. So, copy the content of the CD and paste it to a local folder on your computer. Once you paste, a set of files appear on the screen. Double-click on the setup file. Now an Installer window opens.
  • Carry out the guidelines on the screen and complete the process. Follow the forthcoming steps to download the Canon printer driver from the manufacturer’s website.
  • To connect the Canon printer to PC, follow the given procedure below. Open any of the browser installed on your computer and visit the manufacturer’s site.
  • Provide the Product Series, Model, and Document type. Select the operating system type and version of your computer. Click on the Download button next to the preferred OS type.
  • Rest until the download completes as the download may take some time based on the speed of your internet. Locate the downloaded file in the destination folder. Double-click on the folder and open it.
  • Click on the Setup file and carry on with the instructions on the screen. The file format for Mac OS is .dmg and .exe for Windows. Extract the file to begin the setup. Agree to the terms and conditions by enabling its checkbox.
  • While installing the software, select the mode of connection between your Canon printer and computer. You can select either Wired or Wireless depending on the specifications of your printer and computer.
  • Click OK so the changes you made are saved. Follow the directions on the screen and complete the installation process by clicking on the Finish button. For Windows system, your printer will be automatically connected to your computer.
  • In Mac device, you have to link your Canon printer manually. Now you can perform all the functions of your Canon printer.