• Connecting Bluetooth Mouse To Mac Without Mouse

How To Connect Bluetooth Mouse To Mac Without Mouse?

See how to connect bluetooth mouse to Mac without mouse. In general, Bluetooth is a wireless technology that is used for short-range communication between devices. Usually, Mac computers come with built-in Bluetooth technology. You can check if your Mac supports Bluetooth or not by simply verifying the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar. If you wish to connect a Bluetooth mouse to Mac without using any mouse, follow the below-mentioned methods.

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How To Connect Bluetooth Mouse To Mac Without Mouse?

Method: 1

This method shows how to connect your bluetooth mouse to Mac computer.

  • You need to ensure that you have a fully charged Bluetooth mouse before connecting it to the Mac computer.
  • Unplug all the physical devices, including all the peripherals except the power cord.
  • Restart the Mac using the built-in keyboard or switch.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth mouse and keep it near the Mac computer to avoid difficulties in establishing the connection.
  • Now, the Bluetooth setup wizard will be triggered and detects the nearby Bluetooth devices.
  • The Bluetooth connection will be established automatically using the Bluetooth setup wizard.
  • If it fails to connect the Bluetooth mouse, move on to the next method to establish the wireless connection between them.

Method: 2

  • Connect a USB keyboard to the Mac computer or use the in-built keyboard if you are using a MacBook laptop.
  • Press the Command + Spacebar shortcut keys to open the Spotlight utility on your Mac computer.
  • Type “Bluetooth File Exchange” in the search field and press the Return key.
  • Now, the Bluetooth File Exchange app will be launched on your Mac.
  • When Bluetooth is turned off on your Mac, the Bluetooth File Exchange app will recognize it immediately.
  • Press the Enter or Return key and select the “Turn Bluetooth On” button.
  • Once the Bluetooth is paired, you can use the Bluetooth mouse to navigate and select the settings and operations on the Mac computer.
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